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Rabbit or Cat

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Below is a photo I found on a site called Funny Junk, the title of it says The best cat ever but looking at the nose I think it is a rabbit, what do you think? Cat or Rabbit?

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looks like a rabbit. I found that picture on another site and they put rabbit under it.
How can that poor rabbit see?
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That is definitely a rabbit! You can tell by the way the nostrils are shaped and the mouth... I believe it is an angora rabbit, I've seen a few with a similar look. Here's an example-

and another-
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I thought it was a rabbit, but with so many different breeds of cats I was'nt sure if maybe there was a breed with a nose like that.
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It's a rabbit... an angora
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What an adorable bunny, but someone needs to give her bangs a good trim
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definately a bunny! poor thing though...wonder how it can be so FLUFFY?
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How can that poor bunny even see!!!!!! It is most definately a rabbit tho
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Awww...that's a furry wabbit!!! Very cute, and cuddly-looking.
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It's an English Angora rabbit. That photo is stolen a lot, but I know people who know the actual owner. I wish I could remember her name, but she is a well-known English Angora breeder and she has awesome pics on her site.

BTW, that's show/photo grooming. He's probably not quite that fluffy in reality, although they're still very very fluffy.
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I'm sorry but that picture just makes me laugh out loud. It's like the little guy is saying, "Hey, little help here. Can someone break out the clipers?"
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Looks like a big fluffy bunny!!
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It's definitely an Angor rabbit. I have a blue holland lop, Sophie, so i'm always around little hoppy bunnies and kitties.There is a huge difference in the back legs and the facial features- especially the nose.
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