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Lost my Lenny 6 weeks ago, now I lost Vinnie :(

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My 13 year old sweetheart Vinnie, a Ragdoll I adopted from the SF City Shelter 13 years ago, had to be sent over the rainbow on Wednesday. To say the least, I can't write much now, as I am beginning to think I am in shock. I can't eat much, sleep well, think clearly, etc. I just can't believe he got diagnosed with not just Cancer, but Pancreatic Cancer I am a complete mess now, my wife, she takes things differently but is helping me a bit. Otherwise, besides the pet loss chat, I am lost, and feel so alone...Even meds and Therapy aren't helping

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My Heart goes out to you at this terrible hard time. It would be so great if they could live as long as people. I do know what you are feeling, But I do not know how you feel, the pain we feel in our Hearts actually does hurt. And that pain will lesson when you are ready to let it, I alway's like to think at least they don't miss us, that would make it so much harder. Please take care of yourself and know that the choices you had to make were not easy but right, we wouldn't want them to be in pain and unhappy.
RIP Lenny and Vinnie and watch over your Dad his Heart is broken, and be there at the Bridge waiting to greet him so you can be together again. Be Healthy and Happy You 2 Beautiful Boys
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Oh my goodness i'm so, so sorry To lose two babies so near to each other is just awful

Know that Lenny has met Vinnie at the other end of Rainbow Bridge to take him to his new home where they can both play with all the other cats there, but at the same time they'll be watching down on you

You sweet boys, have a wonderful time at the bridge, but keep looking down on your mum and dad who are missing you both so much right now and will always love you

Howie you know you can come in here whenever you need to talk because were all here for you at this sad time

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Oh no, this is such a terrible tragedy. Although no words can take away the agonizing pain in your heart, please know I'm so incredibly sorry you've lost precious Vinnie. My heart is with you, and I pray you will feel peace in your heart as you face this extremely difficult time of grief and begin the process of healing
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Oh my, I am so sorry to read about your losses and so close to each other Well as others have already said, no words will make your sadness disappear, you are saying your goodbyes in the way that will hopefully ease things for you in obviously have some very happy memories of your special furries ........and in time those memories will make you smile again and bring peace Please know we are all here for you, to listen, to care, to be there !

RIP Little ones, you are together again and you have a new fur-family to run and play with
Remember the ones below they love and miss you so
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I am so very sorry to hear this, I can't really add anything to what the others have said, but we are all here if talking will help you. RIP little ones, find each other and send a message to your dad.
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Sorrowful headbuts and streaming tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan.

DiddoKahli, find Lenny and bring him to his brother, Vinnie. Get your sister, Princess Alexis to escort. Show them both a good time.
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Im so very very sorry for your loss, Howie. Rest In Peace Vinnie and play happily with your brother Lenny, always looking down on your Mom and Dad and know that they love and miss you both.

Howie, You know we are here for you. I was not able to properly grieve the loss of my Babygirl, until I did it on TCS. Just to be able to talk about her and acknowledge her to people who I knew would completely understand, helped me so tremendously in being able to grieve for her. I just didnt have that TRUE compassion and understanding in my life over the loss of a "cat". You can mourn for your babies here with us and we will help you through it.
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I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. I know how it is to lose someone so loved, and so suddenly. I can only hope that you have enough people and fur friends around to help you through the worst of it, but it is never easy.
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I don't think anything I can say can help any. I'm sorry you lost both babies so close together. Play happily over the rainbow bridge together Lennie & Vinnie!
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I am so sorry to hear the unhappy news about Vinnie. Certain cats are true soulmates for us (as a real Bible-believer, I pay attention to the fact that God created animals as companions for Adam, even before He created woman); I am sure that Vinnie was very supportive over your recent loss of Lenny, and the decision you made in sparing him from suffering from pancreatic cancer was very difficult, but the only "right" one. Even for humans, pancreatic cancer is beyond terrible. Godspeed over RB, Vinnie; may the skies rain tonight over San Francisco, in tribute to the loss of a very special cat. Susan
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I'm so sorry for your losses.

Rest in peace Vinnie and Lenny... play happily together at the bridge.
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I'm so sorry you lossed your precious baby Vinnie. I know that god is watching over you now and will somehow see you through this difficult time. Please take comfort in knowing that Vinnie is okay now and happily enjoying life at the rainbow bridge with Lenny. Remember that it is so much more difficult for us when they leave, not them. I just don't know what else to say, but I'm so terribly sorry you have to go through this. Please have faith, and in time things will get better. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I am so sorry for your loss. This is one of the most painful losses. The unconditional love we get from our cats is like no other love in the world. I feel your pain. I lost one of my babies because of vet's error two weeks ago and I can tell you, it is the hardest thing I have had to deal with in a very long time.

No words can really ease your pain right now. I understand. I hope you find some peace soon.

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