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Question for any Navy people...

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My soon to be BIL is leaving for basic with the Navy in a few days. He's supposed to be home by the time my step-sister has their baby in April. DH and I were talking and neither of us know how long a 'typical' basic and tech school are for the Navy. (DH was Air Force) So does anyone know?

Plans for them are really up in the air and I was trying to sort out what to do for them as far as things for their home. (They are 18 and have next to nothing.) If I could just figure out what exactly they are doing, it would really be a help ya know? So I figured a good start might be figuring out how long he'll be away for that and all. Heck, I don't even know when they plan to get married!
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Been since 2000 since our son was in Navy boot, but I think it was 12 weeks. Then tech school (they call it "A" school) was for a longer period aftewards, and they may or may not get leave between. And it is probably going to be somewhere other than Great Lakes, unless he's going to be a corpsman.

I don't envy him going to Great Lakes this time of year - BRRRRR! But if you can go to the graduation, it will be awesome. They put on a great production. And the Navy band ROCKS!
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I'm guessing he's coming home after the 12 weeks of basic till the baby is born (should be right around then) and then going off to tech school. I actually saw my step-sister during Christmas dinner and she said he would be going to Chicago I believe.
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That's where Great Lakes is, north of Chicago. Really a suburb, but it does have its own name. Not the greatest part of the big city, but the lake is nice there. And the Gurney Mills Shopping Mall is WONDERFUL! I would recommend the amusement park, but it won't be open then.

What's he going in to do?
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I think security. I'm not possitive. My step-sis is in nursing school and he was talking about doing that also and she put a kabosh to that. She seems to think it would be bad if they both worked in the same field or something like that....not quite sure about her logic.....if you call it logic...... I don't ask or even comment. To do so is to open a debate where she knows everything and no one else knows anything.....nevermind that I started nursing school at the same school she just started, before changing my major. So I'm just biting my toung....
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Security is cool. Our son was a Master at Arms, and got to do all kinds of neat stuff. He was in during 9-11, so you can guess it got pretty wild sometimes. He got several good duty stations, including Guam! He loved it there, a lot of it for the reasons a 20-something year old would

The Navy is really big in medicine, hope he doesn't completely give that up though. It's a good career for the military that carries over to civilian life well. As opposed to say... sniper.
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The other week my step-dad took him to a local shooting range because he's never held a gun much less shot one. Poor guy was afraid to go in there cold turkey and I don't blame him! I'm sure he got a good crash course!
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