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Will Kiko save Santa?

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Kiko: Who is that in our tree?

Santa: "Come sit in my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas"

Kiko: "I dont think so!"

Santa: "Have you been a good boy, Kiko?"

Kiko: "Get off MY tree!!!"

Kiko: "Stop hugging ME!!!"


Santa: "Kiko save me Im falling"

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww poor Santa

and look how guilty Kiko looks ..........

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LOL! Tooo funny!
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awe thats soo cute
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Hilarious!!! nice little X'mas skit there
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! thanks you made me laugh today!!!!!!!!!!!!!halarious! your cat are so photogenic lol. i have trouble just getting mine to be IN the picture!
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That is just too funny!

I'm sorry to say, however, that I don't think Kiko looked remorseful...not even a little bit.
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Kiko, I think you will be getting coal this year.
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That's a terrific pic story. But, ya know, I just don't see the guilt on Kiko's face. Beautiful cats!
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Its ok, Kiko, Santa still loves you Maybe next year he will bring you presents.

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That's really cute and funny. Poor kitty had to put up with Santa.
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Naughty Kiko, how will Santa be able to visit all the good kitties on Christmas Eve if you've beaten him up?
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That is so cute!
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haha very cute.
i guess kiko is getting coal for xmas this year
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I'm so glad Santa didn't hold a grudge!!!
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Awwwwwwww Pam, those are too cute!!
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Pam those captions were brilliant with those pictures
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Kiko is such a ham! those were adorable!!
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That is just too cute!
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