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My husband LIVES here now !!!

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He arrived today at noon and now this is officially his home and he will return to the south - to visit- to get more belongings. we celebrated by touring the house to see my holiday decorations, having greek food for lunch, eggnog and rum for dessert and then taking a long delicious snuggle before going to the nutcracker tonight. I have been on my own for six months and it's great that this is offfically now his residence. Nest week he will get an oregon driver's license and register to vote. Yippeeeeeee.

Abi the cat approved by snuggling into his unpacked but opened suitcase.
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Great news! Best Christmas present you'll get this year, I bet!
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Thats great news! Sounds like you guys had a great night too!
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What a totally splendid Christmas prezzie!!!
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I'm so happy that he's there with you!! What a wonderful Christmas gift!
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Oh Diana, what better Christmas gift than that huh? 6 months is a long time............
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How nice is that Sounds like you guys are having a great time, too!
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That's wonderful! What a great Christmas present.
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Oh you must be on cloud nine
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What a great Christmas gift
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That is great news.
Enjoy your Christmas together.
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it's terrific to have him, even worth going back to my side of the bed. and the Nutcracker was magical and the lights in Pioneer Square were awesome. This evening we are having friends over for dinner and then go for a walk to see all the houses done up in lights.

Abi was a little standoffish at first but when she started climbing over him in bed I knew she was fine with alpha cat back. PLUS -- we can go cross country skiing again- have not done that in over 13 years.

you guys are great for understanding.
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I am so happy for you! That's wonderful news.
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Merry Christmas Diana & Hubby & Abi...Hope your Christmas is all the better for having your DH home.
Mine will be leaving shortly but only for 10 to 12 weeks or maybe that was 8 to 10 weeks I'm still confused
I guess I'll have to make a New Years Resolution to stop being confused
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
I guess I'll have to make a New Years Resolution to stop being confused
write it on your bathroom mirror. I wrote NO MORE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING on mine. It almost worked
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