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Atheist is at it again

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I don't have all the details since I just saw it on the ticker on CNN Headline News and cnn.com doesn't have the story up yet.

Anyway, an atheist is sueing to stop a 9/11 prayer service/memorial in Chicago with the Mayor of the city.

Is it just me or is this just getting ridiculous?!? I'm not even a Christian and this is infuriating to me. I realize the whole minority rights and all that, but does that mean that the majority have to bow to the wishes of the few? How much comfort do these public prayer services bring to many, many people? I assume that this person's problem is with the Mayor of Chicago taking part in the service, possibly leading the service. What do they want - for public figures to be denied expressing their faith, grief, sorrow and not be able to support their constituents in their faith, grief and sorrow?

**Getting down from my soapbox now.**
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I am a firm believer that these type of people are going through a conviction process when they stir the pot like this. Maybe something good will come of this and the person will see the deep respect Faith has in this country,
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Here's an interesting point: Prayers do not necessarily denote Christian. Jews pray and Muslims pray. Having lived in India for a while, I know Hindus pray. I know there's nothing "preventing" Buddhists or Shintos or really any Eastern religion from praying. I do not think there are references to Jesus in these prayer services, so these Memorial services do not necessarily denote any specific religious affiliation. I think political figures should be allowed to participate in Memorial Services, and our Constitution certainly doesn't prevent it.

But I am very torn about the issue. I am not a deeply religious person, but I am a deeply spiritual person. I was raised as a "holiday" Episcopalian and married a Jew. I find God every day in the all the wonders of this world and the Universe.

But it is in our Constitution that there should be no State sponsored religion. It's a fine line, and I do think President Bush pushes it too far. Although I never personally had a problem with the Pledge of Allegiance or "In God We Trust" on our money, I do think those are instances that violate the separation of Church and State.
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.... to quote Heidi,

*****Getting down from my soapbox now!*****

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Laurie, you make a very good point. Having been raised Christian, I guess I just assume that prayer service mean Christian. Well, you know what they say about assuming... Thinking back to the prayer services that were held right after 9/11, they were definitely multi-religion (Christian, Muslim, Jewish).

I also agree completely that there should be a separation of church and state (in no state sponsored religion, although the country has pretty much decided that if you are not Christian you are not worthy to hold public office, but that's another thread), but does a public figure have to disavow whatever faith s/he is when they take office? Participating in a prayer service does not in any way mean that he is going to pass a law saying you HAVE to be any religion. I don't think anyone is forcing this atheist to participate, so why should s/he force someone NOT to participate, regardless of their position (let alone stop the whole thing!).

Of course, once again I don't have all the facts on this, and cnn.com still doesn't have a story about it, so I'm going off of one sentence on the ticker. I may be way off as to what the whole thing is about.

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense. I'm getting sick, so I'm not really thinking straight. (It has only taken me 15 minutes to even get this much semi-coherent!)
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Oh Heidi - so sorry you're getting sick! Sending prayers your way!!! (Although I mean it, it kind of makes me want to laugh given the discussion!) You should check out my new post about the Duke University study on prayer: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=10943

I totally agree about the memorials - did I not make that clear? Political figures should certainly be allowed to express themselves in this manner, and atheists don't have to participate!
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I wasn't pointing the comments toward you at all, just spouting off. LOL Sorry if it sounded like that. When I get sick, I get stupid - just can't think straight. One of the reasons I hate being sick. And this thing is hitting me hard this afternoon.

I just seriously can't believe someone would actually bring a suit like that, no matter what religion or non-religious beliefs they adhere to.
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The whole thing really rubs me the wrong way!!! There is so much I would like to say on the issue, but since I am afraid I might offend someone, I won't.

Let me just say this....I think it is very sad, to say the least, that at a time when the country needs to be coming together, that there are some people who would stir up trouble simply because someone might actually be praying at one of these functions. If you don't want to pray...don't. If the service offends you...don't go. But why sue these people who are trying to show their grief for the tragedy and the people who lost their lives, and their support of America in the way they know how. Leave it alone. Why add to their pain? Do something productive instead.
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