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New Cat Help!

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Hi! If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.
I have a three year old cat, Naya. She goes both indoors and out.
Two years ago she had kittens and we kept one of her babies, a boy. When he was a couple months old Naya began to hiss at him and leave the room whenever he entered it. She started acting nervous all
the time and skittish. We were eventually forced to get rid
of her son and since then she's settled down.
Since then I've moved into a much bigger home (from a small
apartment to a large house)and Naya gets along fine with our dog and
all visitors to our house. My daughter wants terribly to get
a cat of her own and the only thing giving me pause is how will Naya
react to a new cat? I don't want a repeat of the last experience
because my daughter would just be heartbroken! If anyone has any advice, help, ideas or insight, please let me know! Thanks in advance!!!!
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NaYA - Introductions of new pets can be very tricky especially depending on the personality of your current babe. There are some posts here that deal with introductions of new pets. Perhaps you can put 'introductions' in the search section - at the top of the page - and it will bring them up!
Your cat certainly sounds like she wants to be the Alpha in the house
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First of all, welcome to the site! From what I understand about cats and their kittens, Naya's reaction to her son is fairly typical. She was telling him in no uncertain terms that it was time for him to go out on his own. I've heard similar stories from a few members here.

Has Naya been spayed? Intact cats will generally have a more difficult time accepting a new addition than altered ones since they have more of a sense of territory than altered ones.

Proper introductions are the key to a happy feline family. Here is a link to a great thread with the full details, as well as some things to consider when picking out a new addition.

Hope this helps!
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Here is a link to a previous thread which contains some additional links to discussions on introducing a new cat to a current resident cat.
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Thank you all so much! I've was unsure if I would get any
help, being new to this sort of thing, but you all have helped
tremendously! Thanks again!! -Mia
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