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Time for a holiday meltdown!

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My SIL called to let us know when we should come over tomorrow. She then informs me that the theme is Mexican. I took a deep breath and reminded her that her brother was allergic to beans, so that may not be the best choice. Let the mayhem ensue. As soon as I hung up my MIL calls yelling at me saying that there is no way her son is allergic to beans, and that she is going to make whatever she wants. Fine. I told them that as far as we knew (this is information that we got from them LAST week) the theme was Italian, so we are making pizzas. My MIL says that she wants us to pick up salsa and forget the pizza. At this point I want to call and say shove the pizza. We aren't coming.

I need to calm down. Can someone help me?
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Deep, cleansing breath, another,.......another............
It sounds like you could have some really good pizza on a nice, quiet Christmas Eve at home. That is why we don't do Christmas celebrations any more. We got sick of the yearly mayhem, and drunken stupidity.
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I realize its hard, but try not to let things get to you during the holidays..or ever for that matter.

Think of it this way...your MIL and SIL are entitled to their opinions, and what they say or think has nothing to do with you..Whatever they say that bugs you..just say "I get that"...and don't agree or disagree with them.

Just bring whatever you prepared as thats what you thought they were doing. If anyone bugs you about it, just make a joke of it or something..while laughing say.."well I'm sure some people in mexico eat pizza.."

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Wow you seem to have had a lot of trouble lately with family arrangements (((((lookingglass))))).

You have my sympathy, families are not always the easiest people to deal with! Changing the theme from italian to mexican so close is a big mistake, especially when people are already dealing with massive queues at the supermarket in the pre-christmas rush - just what you don't need!

No really, at this point I wouldn't go if I were you.
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Hey, buying a jar of salsa is easier than making homemade pizzas. Count your blessings!
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I just went back and read my initial post. I realize that I am being a bit silly. The stess of this Christmas has really gotten to me. We will make the pizza, and show up with a jar of salsa. I am going to take a deep breath and relax.
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