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Happy Saturday

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How is everyone I didn't get home till 5 am my sister picked me up from work and then we went to her house. My niece fell asleep in my arms. My dad went with my brother-in-law to Lousianna to get his kids. My dad's poor chiuhauha missed him so much that when we tried to leave today to finish my Christmas shopping she tried to bite him. We are going to my sisters again in a little bit to spend time with them and my cousins and my aunt. And of course to let my cousins see their presents. I got Brittany a new pink John Deere shirt and her brother a camo John Deere shirt and Allison a rag doll. I got myself two new cookbooks. I got my dad and brother in law each hooded sweat shirts. I can't wait till Christmas I also got some stuff for next Christmas for the house which we hope to have built by then. Well I hope you are all having a lovely holiday weekend. Love and Hugs Gail and God Bless.
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happy saturday to you, too! saturdays are good...very good.
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Happy Saturday! I'm about to go brave the masses...well late night masses...at wal-mart. I need some grocery items and things. Wish me luck!
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Happy Saturday to you too Gail!! You haven't been around in the past while eh? You a busy girl during this time of year?
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Well yes have alot going on right now. And been tired alot haven't been home very long today. And I didn't even go home yesterday after I left for work. We came in early this morning and slept till about nine and took off again. And we came home for a little bit and then went to my sister's again and I have to work tomorrow and then Christmas we have to be at my sister's house early in the morning. Worn out just telling you about it all. When I went to my sister's today my cousin was wanting me to give her my pants. But I like them too much. But she was happy with her present. I think once I get where I can I will take her shopping she's going to be 14 in March and she is getting to the age that she is fun to do stuff with. And I am going to take her to try chinesse food. So I am very busy this time of year. I don't even see my friends right now for spending time with my family but that's fine with me.
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