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This is my cousin's second time losing her cat to a car!

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About a week ago, my cousin who is 15 lost her kitty, who is a few years old. Her prior cat was also lost in the same spot. They were both hit by cars.

She was so upset when her parents told her, and we all know how hard it must have been for her!

I talked to her last night and she was telling me that its hard to sleep everynight without him right there. She told me that the first night, she was laying in bed think that I was the only one who really new the pain, because she knew what I had been through with Willie.

I told her how when Tiena died, after a while, I didnt think of him as often, and I felt guilty. She told me she feels the same way when she doesnt think about Tigger, her cat.

I love my so much, and I really want to best for her, so it would help if you could send her some Christmas vibes!
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lots of vibes headed your cousins way / maybe now would be a good time to break the ice with her and suggest that her and her family keep their animals indoors-only now. it is sad that this is the second cat that she has lost due to the kitties being allowed outside. hopefully now they will see that it is not a good idea to let their beloved furbabies outside to play. now you have a great opportunity to share with them the pros of keeping a kitty cat indoors i hope they are receptive to you. I'm sorry your cousin lost her kitty
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Oh, I'm so sorry for your cousin's loss, your family's loss.

Rest in peace little life. Play happily at the Bridge.
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vibes definately going her way!!! so sad...
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Sending hugs, prayers, condolences out to you and your cousin Bless you for being there for her - maybe you could invite her to join TCS and post a tribute in the Crossing the Bridge forum. If that's too much for her, ask to put a post for her, and then print the replies. That is what I did for my grandson when his cat Icy went missing (I was keeping her because his family moved over 300 miles away, and the first apt. didn't allow pets, it was only supposed to be temporary ). Thru being here at TCS, more than likely, your cousin will get educated on ways to have a safer, happier environment for cats.
At this time, IMO, it's a moot point - the tragedy has happened.
Another thought, even though it's not her cat, there are plenty of kitties available in the kill-shelters who need a home; your cousin has the empty space in her heart and in her home; don't consider it replacing, or forgetting the lost cat, think of it as a tribute - no cat wants to look down from RB and see their owner hurting, empty arms aching to feel warm fur, fingers longing to pet, ears longing to hear purring and at the same time see the ever so many little kitties being carried to "the room".
Again, many hugs & healing vibes going out to your cousin. Susan
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Yes, I'm going to tell my cousin, when she is ready for another cat, that its really should stay indoors.

That's a good idea, to have her join TCS, but I do think it might just be a little too much for her. I'll have to ask her though!

I spoke to her about getting another cat, when shes ready, as well. We talked about how it wont be replacing Tigger, but it will help her, and Tigger would be happy. It would be a new addition, adding onto the love from Tigger!

Thank you guys all for the help!
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