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Terrorist threat level has been raised!!!!!

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Just saw there is a news special on all the main networks right now about this! The level has been changed to high. Not sure what exactly is going on, I will go watch some more. I don't think any new attacks have been made, but there is some reason I am sure. Just wanted you all to know in case some of you want to tune in and watch it!!
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"Code Orange" has been declared for the first time!

They are calling for all citizens to be alert and be defiant!!! This is so scary!!!!!!!!
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They just said we should continue with our daily activites as planned, but be more wary and alert, as they have received some new information that warrents them to raise the threat level!!!

Not trying to scare anyone, but thought you might want to know what is going on.
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I think the news special may be over now, but I'm not sure. I am sure they will have more information about it on CNN.
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The primary threat is to overseas interests ABC news said. They are closing embassies and consulates in southeast asia as well I heard on the news. I am sure they are raising the alert status for good reason, and also because it is 9/11 once again and terrorists might have some crazy ideas.

Hopefully tomorrow will come and go without any terrorist incidents.
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this is scary. i expected something might happen tomorrow befor they put the higher alert out. but now that it is official....it is scary. why can't we just be left alone!! all of this with the the west nile virus creeping very close to where i live....the bible is fullfilling pretty fast in my eyes.
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Listening to CNN now, and they are really doing a lot of double-talk without saying to much. Basically, they believe that the targets will be overseas and not here on our shores, but one never knows. These are such uncertain times all over this world now. All they basically said that they have received important and significant intelligence that makes them up the level of the code. Tom Ashcroft was speaking about this.
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7cozycats...we had an incident here of the west nile virus not far from my home...a horse died from it. It is also very scary!!! I agree...things are coming to pass at an alarming rate!
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I wish they would tell us more of what is going on, but I know they don't want to panic everyone.
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Earl has a friend of his who works in the Government in Washington DC. When he talked to her (IM) this morning, they were on high alert. It is pretty scary. They won't tell the public much of anything unless it actually happens, for security which I understand. But boy would it be nice to get some real information!
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President Bush is speaking now for those near a television set
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