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ok im sure we all do it (well, im PRETTY sure) and i know i do. give our cats nicknames. wether i mean to or not they just come out, alot of the time when im mad at one of them!
so what nicknames do your cats have?
heres mine:

peanuts: evil, fart, pretty girl, nut, baby, retard, kittieboo, precious

socks: lazybutt, fattie, loverboy, bigbutt, kittieboo, fatcat

im sure there must be more but i cant think of any right now!
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We have a ton of nicknames for our boys, most of which can't be repeated here!
I think it's a sign of affection to use a nickname.
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her name is Abigail Adams and I usually call her Abi

but also:
poopy kitty
vomit cat
lil honey
crazy cat

I call my husband Alpha Cat.
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Tammy-Timmy= OMG, dang cat, Tam-Tam, pain

Pete=Pee pee Pete, again, especially after last night!!!????!!!!

KittenKiya=ChanChan, KiyaChan, Lover

ChanKahli=Diddo, Kahli-Kahla
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hahaha i luv them!
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Saba: "Her Tabbyness" (cuz she acts like a princess), and Half Pint. She only weighs 4.5 lbs.

Sammy: Alien. Honey Boy. Sam-Sam. If you saw him in person, his cheekbones are so high, his eyes are slanted almost vertical. He looks like an alien!
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Fluffy Kitty
Brat Cat

And many other names I'm not mentioning!
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Bean: Beanbag, Bean Industries
Bear: Carebear
Baby: Chunk, Baby squares, Little Lady/Girl
Tumbler: Tum-BOOH

There are a whole bunch of other nicknames, far too many!
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Trout has some weird ones, and don't ask where they came from:

Furry little baby
Furry little sweety
Fur monger
Furry Butt
Little Hunny

Yes, I do call her these names on a daily basis..the first 2 are when I get home when I first see her and am coddling her

And when she isn't being so cute, they are a number of choice nicknames which I will not say as this is a family site
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Moo Moo Mikey
Handsome boy
Mikey Joseph

and stewie:
Doo Dee
Gosh darn it
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Azrael: Az
Jack: Just Jack (ala Will & Grace)
John Doe: Johnny
Tryon: Kit-Kat, Tryonkitten
Peewee: Mr. Wee, Weeble, Wee-Man and the masters of the universe

And the dogs get names too!
Karma: Karmaface, Karmis
Buddha: Mr. Boo, Boobis, Badooga.. which then morphed into Badoogie Houser
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Tiger Lily: Lily, Lilykins, Wick, Wicky, Sweetie, Tiger, Willie, Demon Kitty, Meowmys Protector, Man Hater, Crazy Girl, Lil Baby, Meowser, Mouser and Wicksy

Annie Rose: Annie, Rose, Rosie, Rosie Posie, Ann E. Miss Annie, Evil Fredrika, Freddy, Chucky, Yoda, Boots, Crazy Cat and Anna Banana Fontana!

Kitten: Miss Kitty, Kitty, Sugar Kitten, Weirdo, Oddball, Mooooooo Cow, Mooer, Cow Cow Kitty, Kit, Kit Kat and Miss Itty Bitty Kitty.

Nazumi Takoa: NAAZUUUUMMIIIII! Zumi, Zum Zum, Lion Cub, Cubby, Squish, Squishy Boy, Squisher, Big Boy, Bubba Boy, Big Baby Kitten, Zumer, Zum, ZuZu, Bad Boy, Mr. Rotten, Sir Rotten, Sir Rotteness, Rotten Baby Boy, Zumikoa, Nazukoa, Koazu, Nazumi Kazu and Kazu Kaboodle.
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haha i luv these! so creative lol...
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Gordo- Gordito, Boo Boo, Chanchito, Fat boy,boo boo nater, fat bully
Princess- baby girl, pookie girl, baby b****, princesa, traviesa, gordis
Pitufo- tufonater, tufo baby, tufo, pitufito, tufo master, tufito
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Limerick: buddy, Limy, Lim, kitten, kitten buddy, Limerick buddy, baby boy

My FH came up with "Buddy", Limerick responds to both
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Scratch: Kitten, Stinky, Kitters, Stinkers, Stinky Winky, Stinky Girl, Scratchadoodle, Scratchy Watchy, My Kitten Witten, Stinkbomb, Scratchers.

Squee: Poopy, Kitten, Little One, Squeakers, mostly it's Poopy though because sometimes a waft of poo smell will leak from her bottom.

And we usually call my dog Butch: Butchers, Butcher, Boo, Butcharino, Puppy, Puppers, and Pupitre. Before I learned French I thought "pupitre" meant "puppy" but later found out it meant "desk". I still call him it, though.
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
And we usually call my dog Butch: Butchers, Butcher, Boo, Butcharino, Puppy, Puppers, and Pupitre. Before I learned French I thought "pupitre" meant "puppy" but later found out it meant "desk". I still call him it, though.
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Originally Posted by catcrazyperson View Post
I'm a freak!
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