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Post Spay Scare...kitty improving now!

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My fosters Piglet (1-1/2) and Eeyore (2-1/2) were spayed yesterday. Piglet was awake when I brought her home, but Eeyore was laying in the carrier with her face down...she woke up enough to move her head around, but was clearly quite groggy. I put both girls back in their room, and Eeyore was able to run into the kitty cage. That showed "poor judgement" on her part, because neither girl likes the cage. Later when I checked on them, she had moved under a toy, which was her favorite spot.

This morning, Eeyore was laying face down, and felt chilled. She smelled of pee as if she had wet herself. I scooped her up and cuddled her in front of a heater, covered with a blanket. She was shivering. I called the vet who did the spay, and found their office was closed until after Christmas. So I called my other vet, who said it is likely just the anesthetic, and try getting some food in her.

She was way too groggy still to be interested in food. On the advice of another foster Mom who is also a vet tech, I tried syringing water in her...it ran back out. (I was VERY careful to have her face pointing down so she wouldn't choke if she couldn't swallow.) Then I tried syrup, which I wouldn not have thought of myself. Just a little syrup on her gums and she opened her eyes and started to lift her head. (She had briefly opened her eyes, but this time they were wide open, as if she was waking up!) I syringed some warm water mixed with a touch of syrup into her mouth, and she was able to swallow it. And that was what she needed...she must have had low blood sugar!

I took her back into the kitty room. The heat is cranked up in there now. She took off running, legs still a little wobbly. These girls are still very very skittish, so I could not keep holding her (or having dd11 hold her), out in the front room. I was very afraid she would run off and hide where we couldn't catch her or even find her! So the girls are recovering. DD just tried giving them a spoonful of food...Piglet ate one little bite, Eeyore ran away. Hopefully she will eat the plate of food left for her.

I wanted to log onto TheCatSite first thing this morning to ask for prayers and good thoughts, but I knew I needed to warm her, call the vet, etc, etc, etc. I still ask for those thoughts and prayers, because recovery from surgery is a challenge. But I am so very relieved that "E" as I call Eeyore, is doing better. It is strange how much you can love a kitty who will not even let you pet her....
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I'm so glad to hear that Eeyore seems to be doing better. Prayers and vibes {({({({({(Eeyore)})})})})} that she continues to do so.

I thought vets made sure the kits were safely out from under the anesthesia before sending them home. (At least they should do that IMO).

Dealing with ferals, I know about that loving them when they keep you at a distance. I often tell them they should realize how much better their life is with me in it. But, alas, some are real tough cookies about that.
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Dang, that MUST have been scary. Lots of hugs and kitty kisses and soooothing headbuts and calming licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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The kitties are both eating, and I scooped 4 peepees out of the litterboxes, and one little poo! Yay, we are healing!
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I'm so happy to hear they are getting better. They sure can give us a scare can't they!
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