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How do you make your own cone for the animals neck at home? The vet said paper plate but he can slide out of the opening that we cut to put it over his head.
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When Lucy had her surgery, I couldn't keep the cone that the vet gave us on her. I ended up purchasing one from Petsmart that had little slots near the neck and tying a halter to it with Velcro cable straps. This was the only way I could keep it on.

Here she is modeling it.

You could try cutting some slots and tying it to a collar.
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Yeah, They have some at petsmart but they will most likely not fit if you have a tiny kitty. The petsmart I have only has cones that are actually designed for doggies.
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OMG she is beautiful!!!!!! Hubby picked up a cloth one at the vet. They call Benson the Mt Lion!
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I used an empty 16 oz container of sour cream for a cone. I cut out the bottom and fitted it over Old Pete's head. It worked.
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