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Bored kitties! help!

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Hi all, my first post here:-)

My 2 cats have just joined me in the UK - they flew out from Australia yesterday. They seem fine considering it was a 48 hour journey from start to finish!

The problem is that both have them have been outdoors cats all their lives. I will now have to keep them locked inside for 2 months though while I am waiting for the purchase of my new place (with garden) to be completed.

Does anyone have any tips for keeping them entertained? Has anyone ever had to turn outdoors cats into indoors cats?

Unfortunately my two really don't like each other much, so its not even as if they will enjoy each other's company!

My poor kitties - they've been without me for 4 months while I set up life here and now they have been through a massive journey only to land in a flat where they can't get outside! i just hope they will forgive me in 2 months time when we move to our own nice place:-)

any tips would be very much appreciated!
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I had to make my indoor/outdoor kitties strictly indoors. They did not like it at all, but eventually got used to it. Just watch those doors, they will try their best to sneak out. They semed to like watching tv, so I left it on all the time for them. Lots of toys and attention seemed to help, too. I didn't have the problem of mine not getting along, but maybe if they have to be in each other's company all the time, they will grow fond of each other. Best of luck, keep us posted on your progress.
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Tall cat condos, interactive toys and lots of time with you will help them. If they get stressed by being indoors, Feliway will help some cats. If you see some specific behavior problems with them, please post and we can give more concrete advice.
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Thank you all. I will see if I can find pet toys on e-Bay and I will see if I can find a pet warehouse so that I can stock up on toys and a cat tower. At the moment they still seem a bit jetlagged and disorientated and are quite happy following me around from room to room so I will see if I can pick up a few things before everything closes for Christmas.

I will be working from home for the next 2 weeks - i will also see if I can arrange with my work to do a bit more work from home until I've moved.

Thanks for the tips!!
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Hello, Jane!

You can make toys for your cats, too. One of our favorites is made from an empty tissue box or any small box. Tape up any openings and cut a small "paw-sized" hole somewhere on the box. Then squeeze in a jingle-ball toy or a cat-nip mouse or something like that. My cats will spend hours (off and on) trying to get the toy out of the box.

Another thing I've read about but never tried is taking a long hollow tube that is cat-sized and putting it behind a couch or chair to make a kitty tunnel. I think tubes like that can be found at hardware stores or plumbing supply stores.

One more - tube socks filled with suffing and cat-nip. They're the perfect size for cats to grab hold of with their front paws and "bat" with their hind paws.

Good luck!
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Toys for cats on the cheap:

1. Tissue paper! they love it! and it's even more fun when you have a rustling mouse or feather on a stick underneath.

2. Bits of fur on a leather shoelace to make moving 'mice'.

3. Toilet paper rolls (the cardboard core.) My cat ADORES these.

4. Hide treats around the house and they can 'hunt' them. Use dry treats, of course.

5. Bed Mice. Play with your hands under a blanket and let them pounce. My silly girl played Foot Mice this morning and she did tickle...
(it tickles as long as you keep the blanket between you and the cat.)

The key is to use interactive toys that mimic the movements of prey animals. You need not get a cat condo if your furniture is suitable for the cats...I lead Gizmo on merry chases behind cushions, under the Stickley sofa (which might have been designed for the comfort of cats) and round and round a coffee table.

Good luck with the new house.
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Someone suggested Feliway, and I second that notion -- it really helps keep our strictly indoor cats from turning their boredom into hostility. The toys are great, too... but if toys alone don't do the trick, give Feliway a try. Very effective stuff!
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Thank you all very much - i am going to have to give Feliway a go.

The last couple of days have been a complete nightmare. I made a few toys which they hate, so i went out and bought a cat tower/condo and some catnip infused toys.

It turns out that neither of them has a clue about 'playing'. their lives up to now have been about hanging outdoors entertaining themselves or indoors for heaps of cuddles with me. They have ignored the scratch posts/towers and run away every time i bring a toy out! strewth!

The worst bit is that one of the cats is simply sitting in front of the door howling and howling all day and night - its just been utterly miserable for all of us.

I have another couple of months to go before I move into a place with a garden - next step is definitely going to be Feliway...

needless to say, my nerves are shot...
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Welcome to TCS, Jungle Jane. Sending lots of {{{{calming prayers and vibes}}}} to you and your crew. As for toys, don't forget to give them LARGE cardboard boxes, if you can possibly afford the crowding; I use large TV boxes, and my cat's all time favorite was a long, low trampoline box. Just cut holes to mimic a fox's den, and watch the fun. Also, add exta litter boxes - outside cats, esp., seem to really need a clean box, since they can't get away from the smell. Also, multiple boxes at various locations prevents "ambush at the litter box", which cats will do in frustration,and can cause toilet problems with the victim. My cats use some boxes for pee and others for poo; this keeps the odors down, so I guess they do it instinctively to prevent predators from smelling their litter.
Please keep us posted on how your situation is going - adjusting cats from outdoor to indoor is a hot topic. Your successes posted online will benefit cats and their families all over the world! Susan
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I forgot to mention - think vertical!! Shelves, open cupboards, etc. add a new dimention for exploring!
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