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Holiday Movies and Fun

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We went to the Palisades Mall last night and saw Night at the Museum on the IMAX. Lots of action and fun, great light holiday entertainment. Sometimes I just need simple fun. We saw Happy Feet last week on the IMAX and the week before for my birthday we saw Mary Poppins on Broadway. I have had a great holiday season this year. We aren't going home for Christmas this year and have been treating ourselves with a few special events. It was fun being at the mall last night, all our shopping has been done and shipped already, so no pressure. I'm shipping my sisters b-day present today and I always send my son a SandMan present...family tradition from my DH's side of the family. Both presents just need to be there before New Years Eve. Everything I wanted to get done for the holidays has been done and even a few extras, this has been a good one for me.
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Wow! Well done on being so organized! I am one of those panicky last minute shoppers running around like crazy!
I'd love to go to an IMAX movie, that's always fun. I think I'm going to suggest that to hubby as something different to do over the holidays.
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My grandson has been waiting to see Night at the Museum Glad to know that it's something that I'll enjoy too. I don't get him till the 30th, but he will get TWO Christmases
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