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vibes for doggies

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Lately there have been a lot of dog fighting rings broken up where I live. I do not understand what makes people decide to do these types of things. Most of these poor babies end up being put to sleep just because of how they were taught to be.

My boyfriends mom lives down the road from her nephew who has (had) two pitbulls. My boyfriends mom and step dad had a chow mix. He was very sweet and loving. His name was 'buddy." The pitbulls who were let roam free killed buddy. He was basically attacked to death. This happend like a week ago. These dogs had also tried to attack a womans poodle mix. The woman put her hand down and one of the dogs bit her. My boyfriends cousin didnt even get a fine for this. These dogs were not neutered which made them even more aggressive. Now they have taken the dogs away and they will most likely also be put to sleep because they were never treated the way they should have been treated, thus killing an innocent doggie. I feel so bad for them.

Also, my boyfriends brother wants to get a puppy that is a pitbull mix that was fathered by one of these dogs. Do you think that these puppies would be more aggressive just because they are the offspring of one of these dogs? Do you think it would be wrong for them to get one of these puppies. I do and I dont know how to tell them. I guess maybe I should keep my mouth shut.

Sorry that I am rambling.
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I don't think that the off spring of the dogs will be more aggressive. Let me tell you a quick story about that. When I was three I was mauled by a Collie and nearly lost my right eye. Just before my mauling the dog had been mated with another Collie in our area. The puppies came out wonderful and were companion pets for the rest of their lives.

I am so sorry your boyfriend's brother lost his beloved dog. My heart goes out to him.
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Thanks. I so bad want to get them a puppy now but I think it is too soon. It was my boyfriends step dad and mother who lost the doggie. The dog was a chow and collie mix.
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