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Should 9/11 be a holiday?

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My radio morning show posed this question, if 9/11 should be made into a national holiday, as a day to remember. It was really interesting the responses they got, so I wanted to pose this question here.

I'm really not sure what I think about it. I mean, we can't make every day something tragic (or uplifting) happens into a holiday. We would only work (well, government workers anyway) maybe 5 days a year! Pearl Harbor doesn't have it's own holiday. Neither do many days important to American History.

There were a couple of interesting suggestions on the radio this morning. One was to make 9/12 a holiday of banding together because this country has never been as united and full of giving as it was 9/12. Another was to make a Hero's Day to remember all of the heros, fire fighters, policemen, military, etc. who have given their lives for us (not just on 9/11, but every day).
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Well, while I think that Sept 11 should be a day of reflection for Americans in particular, I think making it a holiday would be a bit of a 'slap in the face' for other countries who have had tragedies happen that aren't recognized as a holiday.

Realistically, many people are killed (meaning innocents) in battles in the Middle East and the like on a regular basis, and holidays aren't created for them. I'm not trying to downplay the horrific nature of what happened on 9/11- just giving a my perspective, which since I'm not American , will probably differ greatly from lots of you on here. No offense meant on my part, and I hope none will be taken
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I am on the fence on this one. Although I believe it is important for us to remember those who sacrificed and were sacrificed, my heart weeps for the families of the victims for having to endure the media flood. Granted, they can choose to not turn on their television or radios tomorrow, but they still cannot escape the saturation point that will be happening.

They had an interesting segment on the news last night, about how some firefighters are tired of being called heroes, and just want to get back to life as much as possible. I understand they are calling for a statewide bell toll of all churches at 10:20 a.m the time of the first attack. They are asking for people to drive with lights on. leave candles burning in the windows and wear ribbons, give blood.None of us will ever forget the day that changed life in the United States forever. It will always be etched deeply in our hearts and minds.
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Like Hissy, I am on the fence about this one. I think it is extremely important that we honor this day and think about the tragedy and the lives that were lost, but to make it a holiday I'm not sure. There may be other attacks...I hope not, but there may be, and we cannot make them all holidays. I just hope and pray that there won't be anymore attacks, but I am worried that there will be!!
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9/11 will be in our hearts and memory forever, a holiday is not needed to "remember" in my eyes. And like others said, there have been so many events that have occured, and if all were made holidays we would never work!! Dec 7 is "pearl harbor day", but not a national holiday. I think Sept 11th should be the same.

Lets just remember 9/11 in our hearts and mind, and pray that nothing like that ever happens again.
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I am also of two minds. I believe that the horrible events that happened on 9/11 should never be forgotten. However, I am finding it very difficult with all of the coverage that has been building for the last few weeks. I find myself crying every night. I am lucky-I didn't lose any loved ones, but know people who did, and if I'm having trouble emotionally with this, I can't imagine how they must feel.

I think the coverage has been excessive. I believe that this day can and should be remembered, but perhaps with less excessive coverage. I think it would also be good to take the time to remember the heroes and wonderful stories that came out of 9/11, and not dwell on the horror.
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Agree with all of the above. I would vote for a "Heroes Day," or some such think, akin to Pearl Harbor Day.

But what about the U.S.S. Cole, and the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania? Or Oklahoma City - even though that was a terrorist attack by an American? Apparently we've already forgotten them.
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I can't help but imagine 10 years down the road when all the stores have exciting 9/11 day sales and the kids are giggling and cheering because they don't have to go to school on 9/11 and we grown-ups are happy that we are off work and can maybe sneak off for a short vacation on 9/11.

Our holidays always seem to turn into big excuses for partying and for stores to exploit....the thought of 9/11 becomming a "holiday" just doesn't work for me.
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I am right there with you, lotsocats. The idea of 9/11 becoming a holiday is an appealing one....but down the road when it is moved to the closest Monday possible so everyone gets a 3-day weekend mkaes me sick. Other holidays like Memorial Day have been dishonored in this way. I hate to sound like some old-timer, but in my day, stores and things were closed on important national holidays. Now, it's just another excuse for some sale. I cringe as I think about advertisements such as "9/11 Blow Out Sale!"
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I am not really sure how I feel about this. I don't think 9/11 should be a national holiday for the reasons that others have mentioned here. I think it should still be a day for people to go on with normal everyday things like work and school. But it should also be a day when we fly our flag and all the victims and heroes of 9/11 are remembered, possibly through special evening memorial services.
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To be honest, No, I don't think Sept. 11th should be made a holiday. Yes, I realize it was a horrible act, and lots of people died & there are people out there without loved ones, now, but come on........ When Pearl Harbor was attacked, they didn't have their own holiday. Honestly, I think people just need to move on & get passed this tragic event. Don't get me wrong, I also don't think it should be forgotten.
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Originally posted by Deb25
I am right there with you, lotsocats. The idea of 9/11 becoming a holiday is an appealing one....but down the road when it is moved to the closest Monday possible so everyone gets a 3-day weekend mkaes me sick. Other holidays like Memorial Day have been dishonored in this way. I hate to sound like some old-timer, but in my day, stores and things were closed on important national holidays. Now, it's just another excuse for some sale. I cringe as I think about advertisements such as "9/11 Blow Out Sale!"
Wow, I hadn't even thought about that!! You and Lotsocats are so right about that! I was on the fence before, but consider me off the fence....we don't need to have this be commercialized in any way down the road and I agree, that is what would happen in a few years.
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My employer chose to commerate the first anniversary by allowing us to wear red, white and blue clothing today instead of our usual uniforms. This is one way we can remember...
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In the UK we have a "Rememberance Sunday" in November - originally it was to remember those who lost their lives during the First World War - with most towns and villages having a cenotaph listing their war dead, plus a big one in central London. In the 1980s the rememberance was extended to all those who have suffered and died in conflict and for all those who mourn them. Every year on Rememberance Sunday there is a big march past the Cenotaph in London, by servicemen, civilian groups (e.g. members of London Transport, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service etc) plus the Queen and the Prime Minister who lay wreaths of poppies at the monument.

Call me ignorant - but do you have something similar in the US that could be be extended to remember 9/11?
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I agree with Deb25 and lotsocats...holidays are rarely spent actually remembering the reason for the holiday in the first place. Labor Day, Memorial Day, Christmas for some.

I think that as individuals, we all memorialize these types of events in our own way, in our own time. I personally think of that day quite often, sometimes with sadness, sometimes with awe, sometimes with hope.

God Bless America!

And God bless you all...
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Flimflam - we do have Memorial Day in May, which I think is more to remember the military personnel who have given their lives in service. Sad to say it has really turned into the beginning-of-summer barbeque and big sales at stores. We also have Veteran's Day, which is barely remembered at all since we don't get the day off for it. America has an undeniable habit of turning all meaningful days into just sales for the shops.
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ok, I'm just jumping into this one a little late, but I had to say that I completely agree that it shouldn't become a holiday. America will only comercialize it, and I think it should be up to us to remember it. We've all found ways to remember it after a year: memorial services, church bells, moments of silence, flags at half-mast...I don't think we need a day of water-skiing on the lake to help refresh our memories.
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If you ask me, all holidays are a waste of time. Take for example Christmas & Thanksgiving: How many of you have gotten into fights with which in-law's house you are going to go over to? Then, if you choose to stay @ home, then other members are disappointed in you........ Or they start preparing for next year's event. I don;t know. I guess it doesn't matter to me anymore. Before I started my new job, for 4 years in a row, hubby and I have always had to work Labor Day, Memorial Day, weekend after Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, Veteran's Day, 4th of July. The only one we did get off was Thanksgiving (not our shift) and Christmas & Christmas Eve. So, I guess that is why I don't care too much for that & the bickering that goes on before Christmas & Thanksgiving. I can just see the 9/11 day off for next year on the TV...... " September 11th Patriot Day 10 hour sale @ Robinson's May!" or whichever stores.......
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