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How long to register kittens?

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I bought another Sphynx kitten on November 4th. He was 10 weeks old when I got him. The breeder told me he was TICA registered she was just waiting on the papers to come back, when they did she would mail them to me. It is now the end of December and she says she still hasn't received the registration papers yet. How long does it take? or was she just telling a story to sell a kitten?
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I have noticed TICA is slow right now, with many things, and right now, there are a lot of breeders that have those "Christmas Litters", so I would feel it is a good possibility that TICA is just slow. If you have any concerns call and ask when the last litter was registered, when a blue slip has been slow to arrive from a breeder, in the past, I have been able to call and ask if the litter had been registered off the breeder name, cattery, and date of birth.
Also, please realize that everyone gets busy, and this particular time of year, does come with some surprises and last minute thinkings, so she may just have had got behind in sending the paperwork. While that may seem unprofessional of the breeder, remember that some breeders do have other things going on. I have to admit I try to have our blue slips ready on time, but just these past months, we found ourselves dealing with other issues, and I was delayed in getting the litter registrations off, I explained that to our adoptive families that I would send them as soon as they came in. It was an embarassing moment, but it is just to explain that sometimes as breeders, we make mistakes.
I hope that it comes to be that TICA is slow right now, and that you get your papers very soon, and the most important is that he is healthy and is making you a wonderful new *non* furry family member.
If it begins taking longer, you may want to contact your breeder again and find out what the story is, but it would just be my suggestion to wait until after the busy holidays.

Happy Holidays to you and Congratulations on your new kitten!
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I'm not a TICA breeder so I can't really help you. Did your breeder say she will give a copy of the litter registration or the actual registration papers? IF she had litter registered first (ie. without names) and then registered the kitten's name, then it may take some time. Another thing to consider...check your sales contract - there may be a clause in there that states that the registration papers with be withheld until proof of neuter is given (unelss you bought the kitten as a breeder).

I'm sure someone who is TICA registered will come along soon with better advise!
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i second the poster who said check your sales contract. I dont give the papers on pet kittens til i have prove of them being S/N and it says so in my contract.

I dont register with TICA soi wouldnt be able to answer that one. but CFA has been a little slow too.
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