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And click!
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click click click
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Cute kitties! Click here.
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Lhezzza, you always post the cutest pictures!

Don't forget to click today! Each time you click, it helps to feed a hungry animal. And it's free to do!
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This kitty is happy because you are going to click here to feed hungry kitties FREE !
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Ghys! Nice to see ya! Where ya been?
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Hiya Shell Nice to see you too! I come here to make sure to feed the kitties... Haven't posted much but may start doing so in time!
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Hope to see you posting! We all have missed you! Glad to see that you are thinking of those needy kitties!
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It's nice to see you Ghys!

It's our nightly reminder to click here! It helps to feed hungry animals, and it's free to do!
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(if someone can explain to me how to add the link here. I'd love to do that too!)
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Ghyslaine, I'll tell you how! Click the address to the site with the left mouse button and sweep across it with the button down. That highlights it. Hold down CTRL and hit c.

Then when you want to put the link in your post, look up to the http:// and click it. (It's on the bottom left of the words Size, Font, Color) A line will appear. Put a word, such as "click" or "here" on the line. Click ok.

A second line will ask for the address you highlighted earlier. Hold down Ctrl and hit v, and then ok. It will be transferred to that line.

Finish writing your post and the word you wrote, such as click will magically appear, and it's the link. (It will look like a lot of gobbledy gook until you submit your post.)

There's another way to do it. I'll let someone else teach you, and you can see which you like. Thanks for being so faithful! You are feeding abandoned animals, and it's FREE!
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We all love to click and help to feed hungry animals! Remember to click every day! It's free!
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I clicked right here . I hope you'll join us in feeding abandoned animals! FREE !
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G'day everyone! Have you clicked today?
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Don't forget to Click today!

(psst...Jeanie, I think I got it! Thank you!!!)
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Yay, Ghyslaine! Ghys learned how to post a link. Now you just have to click it! Please help us remind everyone else.
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Bumping this for the nightly click! Have a great weekend ya'll!
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It's time for my nightly click and bump! Don't forget to click here to help feed hungry animals! It's free to do!
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Bump and Click
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Why are we bumping and clicking? We're feeding abandoned animals. and it is a great feeling to know we're helping. Just click here and then bump-to remind other people!
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Clicking and bumping! You can do it too! Just click here to help feed hungry animals. It's free to do! Then bump the thread to remind everyone else to do their part.
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Ha Ha you guys all sound like a commercial.

Clicking and bumping!
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Feed an animal today.... just click
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Back from vacation and clicking strong .
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Hey, we're on the ball today!! Want to join us? Just click here and you can feed abandoned animals FREE!
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