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Yes, Jamie, I did! And it was FREE! I hope our friends help by clicking here and bumping this thread to tell others about this wonderful site!
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It's so easy to feed an abandoned animal, and it's FREE ! Just click here.
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Too cute, Lizza.

Has everyone clicked today? Don't forget!
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Who could resist a kitten like the one Lhezzza showed us--if it was crying in hunger? We couldn't! That's why we click FREE! No more crying!
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Here's another site to add to your clicking.
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Another good site, Brenda! We should click at both places! Here's the link to Animal Rescue. I added yours to my favorites, too, Brenda.
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Both clicked. Good sites both.
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I had to bump after seeing that sweet kitten checking up on us!

BUMP! Cick here!
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Lhezzza, you're killing us! Who could resist those sweet babies?
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Oh dear! Bumpin' for the baby kittens!
Remember to click here! It's free to do, and helps feed hungry animals!
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Clicked for today!!
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How You and Others are Helping:

On May.07, you and others who clicked at The Animal Rescue Site helped provide 99,758 bowls of food to animals in shelters and sanctuaries. Last year, from the site's launch in July 2002 to the end of the year, visitors to The Animal Rescue Site funded 11,720,254 bowls of food! Together, we can increase our impact in 2003.

It's FREE. Just click
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Yay!! We like to help!

You can help to feed hungry animals too! Just click here. It's free to do!
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Help Feed an animal in need , Click Here ITS FREE !!!!!!!
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It's a great feeling to know that you have fed an abandoned animal. Please help by clicking here and then bumping this thread! It's FREE!
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Oh my gosh... this fell off the first page! Must BUMP!

Don't forget to click here every single day! It's free, and it helps feed hungry animals!
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It's free to click here and feed an animal in need. It makes you feel good, too!
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Click it click it click it
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Woo hoo! Clicked
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What are we bumping, and why? Well, every time we click here the sponsors donate the money to feed an abandoned animal. We click FREE and they pay! No strings! That's why we want to keep this thread at the top of the list. Join us; it's a great feeling!
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I visited!!!! Yah....T

Thank you! Your click has provided the value of .6 bowls of food and care for a rescued animal in a shelter or sanctuary. Please visit daily.
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It's about that time again...

Remember to click here every day! It's free and helps to feed hungry animals!
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Click here and help feed animals in need ITS FREE!!
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