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Oh my! We can't let that happen. We'll have to click fast today to make up for the weekend! Poor, hungry animals Now they're happy!
Click right here to keep them happy!
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Don't lose momentum, keep on clicking.
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Have you clicked today? Did you know that besides feeding animals in shelters you can help some of your other favorite causes, hungry children, the rainforest, free mammograms, and more at the very same site? Isn't that great?
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Bump! Please bump back! OH, but click first!
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Bump! I clicked!
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Thank you, Viva!
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Nightly bump! Please click here to feed a hungry animal.
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Clicked and bump.
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We love clickers because they feed the animals for free! But if it weren't for the bumpers, new people wouldn't learn about this great site, and many of our clickers would forget their daily click! Please do both! Be an ! Thanks! Here's the spot!
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Please click here and bump this! Thanks.
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I just clicked here! Don't forget to click too!
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We are making progress, that is cool. I clicked.
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It is cool! Sometimes we can't afford to give as much as we'd like. This way we click, and we have made another donation-free! Wouldn't it be great if we could keep this at the top of page one all day?
Just click here and you can help us do that!
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Nightly bumpity-bump! Remember to click here!
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I saw this thread the other day and thought well I have no credit cards or a cheque account so I can't donate money but when I realised it was free I clicked and I will do so tomorrow as well
Everyone do this !! Its for a good cause
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Iz fun to feedz ze animalz!
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Feed the animals! It's FREE ! Click here and bump! Keep this on top, please!
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Remember to click here everyday to help feed hungry animals!
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I clicked! Look what we helped to do:

On May.01, you and others who clicked at The Animal Rescue Site helped provide 99,089 bowls of food to animals in shelters and sanctuaries. Last year, from the site's launch in July 2002 to the end of the year, visitors to The Animal Rescue Site funded 11,720,254 bowls of food! Together, we can increase our impact in 2003.

And it was all free!
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WOOHOOO!!! Yall are great!!! This is such exciting news!!!!
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Isn't it great? I think that's the highest amount I've ever seen since I started coming here to click! Please help! It's all free! And would you bump this also? Thanks!
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My nightly bump is a bit late! Make sure you click here today to feed hungry animals!
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Please click here and keep an animal fed. It's FREE!
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Thanks for the link everyone. It's now in my Favorites and I clicked today.

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