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Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to bookmark this site at work, too, then I can click twice each day.
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Thanks, Kellye, for the reminder. I went to this site and fed six hungry cats just for clicking!
Please, everyone, bookmark this site and click once a day. Thanks!
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Brenda, You're brilliant!
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I just realized that I had forgotten to CLICK here to feed six bowls of food to hungry cats FREE. Please help us to remember by bumping this on occasion to remind us all. It's so easy to do, but easy to forget!
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I clicked too. I don't think it's 6 bowls though....if you look closely, it says .6. So.....we need to click as much as possible.
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I just looked! You are absolutely right. We'll have to remind one another. Please post when you click, and I will too. So sorry about the error, guys.
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I'm just not sure what .6 bowls mean....unless this is their error and it really is 6 bowls?????
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Originally posted by lotsocats
Woo Hoo!!!! Check out how many pounds of food have been donated by all of us simply clicking on the button each day!

Oct.'02: 1,071,108 pounds of food donated
Sep.'02: 939,605 pounds
Aug.'02: 880,114 pounds
Jul.'02: 787,214 pounds
Well, even if it is only .6 per click, look at what's been accomplished! Wow! That's only through October.
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Aha!!!! So...it must be .6 of a pound!!!! There, I can sleep tonight! (ummmmm, I still don't know how much that would be. Maybe a handful? Which, BTW, is much better than nothing at all)
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Maybe they figure one bowl is x ounces, so .6 bowl=.6x ounces. (And I thought I'd never use that math!!)
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I hate math!
I am what I call a mathalexic (its like dyslexia but cannot comprehend numbers)
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sassyfras, I am impressed! Math was never my strong point either. In school, I took up hairdressing to get away from that!

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OK. Here goes nothing. .6=60% or a little over 1/2 bowl per click. The question is, "How many ounces are in a bowl? An average feeding?"
Well, I don't know, but here are the current statistics. January has, so far, fallen way behind December, because of the holiday, I assume.

Date Clicks Sponsors
for Day Bowls of Food Kilograms Metric Tons Pounds
Jan.02 73,405 8 44,043 9,989 10.0 22,022
Jan.01 45,641 8 27,385 6,211 6.2 13,692

Date Clicks Avg # of
Sponsors Bowls of Food Kilograms Metric Tons Pounds
Dec.'02 1,939,868 8.0 1,346,194 305,312 305.3 673,097

The "sponsors" are commercial sponsors, not us. They pay for the food we click for. We have some clicking to catch up on! CLICK !
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Clicked this morning too! And yesterday, and even remembered this weekend.

This is such a great way to help the animals, and so easy. One more little reminder, we want the sponsors to know they are getting something out of this too so they will continue to contribute when we click. Take a couple minutes and click on the sponsor's website links on the page after the *Click* so they know they are getting hits from contributing to that site. (I may not be so good at math, but I do understand business.)
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Heidi, You're so right. When you click here, don't forget to click on a sponsor too. It makes sense that the sponsors would want to see an interest in their products. It takes only seconds to feed a hungry animal--FREE!
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Bump! Dont forget to click here
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Thanks, Kellye! CLICK !
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Huh? I cannot get in. Can any of you get in?

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Nope....maybe their server is down???
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I hope they can put it back up before the end of the day so we all can click on it to give the animals more food.
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I had that happen a few days ago. They could be updating the page, having problems with their ISP or webhost. It was back up in a few hours, so just keep trying.
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Good news! I just clicked here and fed a hungry animal. The site is up and running. CLICK
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Oh thank goodness!!!
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Bump! Dont forget to click here
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Thanks for the reminder, Kellye. I CLICKED!
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Trent helped me CLICK today. He's such a generous and caring kitty.
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