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Make free donations for animal rescue

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When you visit this site, you can make free donations to help rescue needy animals. It doesn't cost a thing...instead, each time you click, one of their sponsors donates money for you!

This is a very easy and free way to make a difference in an animal's life.

You can go daily (but click only once each day).

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Wow! Thanks for the link! I am going there now, and will add it to my favorites so I can go there often!
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That's really cool. It's great that everything on their site is measured in how much it helps the rescue animals, i.e. a kitty hand puppet for $5.95 funds 15 bowls of food, a crystal red white and blue pin for $19.95 funds 28 bowls of food.

I going to try to remember to go there every day. If it's that easy to help animals, everyone can take 5 seconds out of their day to do it!
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Wow, thanks! I'm heading there now.
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Ok, maybe I went obverboard but I must have clicked at least 50 times....

I too will add to my favorites list.
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Neat Site!
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I haven't clicked over yet, but I'll do my darndest to keep on clicking! :tounge2:
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What a great way to help!
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lol Helen, it says this about multiple clicks: You can click once a day on the "Feed an Animal in Need" button on The Animal Rescue Site. Our agreement with our sponsors only allows us to count one click, per person, per calendar day. A monitoring system is set up to check this. While you could click on the button a hundred times, only one click would count. In the meantime, our system would be slowed down, or possibly overloaded, preventing other visitors' clicks from generating funding for care for abandoned animals.

So save your mouse the energy!
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Just a little reminder to click every day!
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Yep, mate. I did!
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Is everyone still clicking?
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Wow, I had no idea about this site. I saved it to my favorites. I will go and click every day.
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Completed my good deed for the day.
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One more thing I should mention, if you click right now it takes you to a Thank You page, and contest buttons on the top. One of the contests is Win a Free Year of Pet Food from Petfooddirect.com. One more incentive to click and help the animals in shelters.
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As soon as I wrote my post earlier in September, I clicked over there - and I've been clicking almost every day. I might have missed one or two, but Gary sent a note around internally at work (everyone thought at first he'd lost his mind), but he insists that at least our secretary and assistants click every day, and he asks them about it almost every morning.
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Woo Hoo!!!! Check out how many pounds of food have been donated by all of us simply clicking on the button each day!

Oct.'02: 1,071,108 pounds of food donated
Sep.'02: 939,605 pounds
Aug.'02: 880,114 pounds
Jul.'02: 787,214 pounds
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That is so great! Thanks for keeping this thread up at the top every once in a while. It's a good reminder for us forgetful people, and always keeps new members informed of this great thing, too.
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I just realized that I have forgotten to click in several weeks. Are y'all doing any better at clicking every day?
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I usually do because the button for that site is right next to the button for this one!
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I am clicking!!!
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First time I see this.

What a great idea and it only takes a second of our time. Wow!

I'm a clickin' everyday from now on!
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How did I miss this? It's great! Let's keep passing the word by keeping this thread on page 1. There are new members joining every day, and it will serve as a reminder to those of us who already know.
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Thanks for letting me know about this great site. Whoo-hoo
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What a great site! I have bookmarked it!
Is it part of the North Shore Animal League? Because I have donated money to them before when they sent a letter.

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I clicked!
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Added to my favourites list and I shall click everyday.
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Click! I just provided 6 more bowls of food for a hungry animal!
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