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a new beginning...

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hello everyone! i have actually been signed up to this site for a long time, but for some reason never really got on. i doubt that anyone remembers me.
i have the best cat in the world (sorry to all you ppl who thought YOU had the best cat in the joking. i know we all love our babies...) Peanuts, a 1 1/2 year old female that used to be feral. we cant decide wether she's calico or tortishell. then we've also been watching this cat, Socks, for a loooong time and will continue to watch him for a loooong time. i love cats, and like watching how they communicate.

ok, this may be a STUPID question, but how do i resize the pix on my signature? i couldn't figure out how in the newbie sticky thread. sorry.

well i hope to have lots of fun on here talking about one of my favorite subjects!

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Hello Beka
Your "best cats in the world" are very pretty!
I think your signature looks good.

I hope to see many posts from you and your kitties!
see ya 'round!
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aww thanx!
yours are so uniquely colored! i love it!
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welcome back....ur kitties r just adorable!
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Welcome back!!

See you around the forums!!
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wow everyone's cats are so pretty!!!!!!!
dont tell peanuts i said that though...hehe
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Well hello to your prettiest cats in the world from mine I have 8 myself 6 of witch were feral also, I rescued them from a busy shopping center parking lot. They are very special to me, I have Mickey, Cammie, Dunkin, MiniMan, Sissy, Ziggy, Zazzy, & Zinger who are sisters Hope to see you around this is a Wonderful site with Great People and Execellent help... Have a Great Holiday
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Wow! You have two gorgeous cats! Welcome back !

I size my stuff before I put in in photobucket but I see that photobucket now has an edit button that if you edit your photo you can choose thumbnail for an 120 x 160 signature which would be a good size. Here are the guidelines on the sizes if you would like to resize one for yourself. We also have a group of great people that volunteer to may signatures for you if you would like to ask one of them. They are listed in the Signature Shop thread under the heading TCS Support and Announcements
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Hola y bienvenido de nuevo a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome back to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Hi and welcome back. Your babies are adorable.
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everyone here is so friendly and helpful! and such cute cats! thank you

oh and captiva, yeah i tried to resize them and put them on here like that but for some reason it kept them the same size. but ya i left a post on the thread of the person offering to make signatures.

thanks again!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!

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Welcome (?) Peanuts, Socks, and Meowmy:

Sure are glad you came out of lurkdom (if in fact that's where you've been) and admitted you belong here with all of us CAT crazies! I'm proud to be a member of this group, and 9! felines! currently own and run me ragged.

I dunno nothin about resizing photos, but thank you for putting yours up -- your cats are to go crazy for, and maybe one of the fearless mods can help you with your quandary!
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Hi & welcome back! You must be proud to own the second prettiest cats in the world!
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