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Its snowing!!!

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Its been snowing since about 7 pm!!!
However only about 2 inches are predicted and its that heavy wet snow too.
Where my parents live they are to get 5-8"!!!
We will see if this hangs around until Christmas.
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Yay!! snow!
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Take pics!
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You lucky Girl!!!!!!
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We were glad to send it your way. Enjoy.

P.S. glad your sister made it before it hit.
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Thats good Gail...a white Christmas

Here it will be a wet Christmas..no snow.
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I wish it was snowing here. I want snow so bad! Take pictures PLEASE!
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lucky goose!
here its a wet one!
Nothing brings the Holiday spirit like a little snow...just wish we had some.
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We didn't get much about an inc and is partially melted already.
Howeve mom called me this morning and she said they got about 6 inches and the power went out last night. Good thing its in the lower 30's or their place would get cold really fast!! I'm going to check to see if their power came back yet or not.
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Oh wow, that sounds like fun! I wish we could get some snow here, but its not cold enough, AT ALL!
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We don't have any snow here. Hey Gail, I hope it doesn't start getting icy where you are.
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