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Guinea Pig Owners:

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Hi, I have been a member on this site for years and recently opened my home to four male Guinea Pigs. I started out with one pet store pig and wound up adopting 3 others and building two large C&C cages to house them in. On GuineaLynx.com, there is a thread about kitty pics. Many members of that board own cats and pigs (among other animals). So I thought I would ask on TheCatSite, how many cat owners here, have Guinea Pigs as well?? What kind of cage do you house them in? Have you heard of GuineaLynx, etc.

Here are my four pigs and two cats:

Duster (left) and Swiffer (right:


Oreo and T.C (my first two)

Their cages:

Autumn trying to pose as a Guinea Pig (don't worry, the pigs were at the vet during this shot)

And finally, Nibbley the Siamese taking a closer look (He's a big wuss!)

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I dont have guinea pigs now. But Ive been owned by 2 girls and 2 boys previously. Patches, Emily, Allie and Snowflake. Both the boys were thought to be girls at first hence the names Allie and Snowflake. The names stuck. Patches led a long healthy life, Emily died young duee to a heart condition, Allie died at 2 years due to an unknown health problem he had all his life. We never figured out what was wrong with him even with tons of test. Snowflake died from Pneumonia about 2 years ago. He got sick very quickly and just couldnt fight it.

It took me awhile but I found pics of all of them. Here you go!

Patches and Allie (before we found out Allie was a boy!)

Another one of them together,

Emily Farnseworth. She was a sweetie pie! I wish I had more time with her.

I only got a few healthy pics of him when I first got him and then theses 2 of him at around 5 months old. At his heaviest he was 4 1/2 llbs! In these he was still growing!

Here are him and Lily checking each other out.

And the only good pic I could find of Snowflake. The other side of his body was all white except 2 stray black hairs!
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I had a piggie once, a long, long time ago. He was 9 inches long, black and white, part abyssinian (sp) and was the sweetest little character. He was box trained and so smart. I called him Piggy. So original. I miss him still, more than 20 years later...
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I have 2 guniea pigs and a bunni the bunni is the oldest animal in this house but the guniea I got about a year and a month or so ago and I have mother and son! My SIL's mom had 2 and she was going to put them in the woods so I ended up keeping one and they took the other and they said they were both females uhuh 1 month later I had a baby but I did arrive with 2 guniea but the person who had the other one didnt take care of her and she was really sick and she didnt even make it a week here ! But soon after that momma whos name used to be brownie gave birth to a baby boy that we called baby cause we didnt know the sex so they are mamma and baby, and the bunni's name is sugar !!!! And well we all no my kitties and the cages look similar but I think are a little smaller and have roofs over top and yes they are seperated and mama got the bigger cage she got bigger after birth we never new she was pregnant wat a shock let me tell u and I havent heard of that place you are talking bout hmmm...maybe ill go and check it
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