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She's here!!

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My sis drove in the driveway about 1:35 pm. She missed the correct turnoff in Milwaukee so she ended up going another way which was about 20 miles out of the way. Unpacked and one cat was hiding. Her older one found the bed to take a nap.
Thanks for the vibes!!
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I hope all goes well and you have a good time
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I'm glad she had a safe journey.
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Glad your sis is there safe, Have FUN!!
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Oh good, what a long trip she made! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday together and the that the cats can be together comfortably!
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Milwaukee you say?
Thats my playground!!!
Have a great christmas!!!
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Glad she made it safely, and got to explore a little on the way!
Have a great time!
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Aw, have fun with your sister Gail!!
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Glad that your sis and kits have arrived safely Now have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY and be sure to tell us all about it
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
I'm glad she had a safe journey.

I hope you spend a lovely and terrific time together dear Gail!
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Well some kitty pooped in the bathtub last night (hmmmm) Sharon said her cats wouldn't do that!! (I made her clean it up anyway!!)
She is out last minute shopping with Neil.
The cats are ok so far-some growling is about it. Bakker is really curious about his "cousins". Pounce isn't used to steps so he likes poking his head throgh the railings. I guess I'll have to take some pictures!!
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