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What's for lunch today everyone????

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I'm making Mascatolli (sp?) with 4 cheese alfredo sauce for lunch today It will also be dinner tonight as well- i'm making enough to take to work with me (i have the delightful pleasure of working 5-11:30 tonight ) What are you having for lunch today?
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A salad and a cup of Italian wedding soup.
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We had Swiss Chalet's festive dinner because all the guys were having Chilli that the managers spent the whole morning making and we didn't want to chance being sick for Christmas so made them buy us lunch from somewhere 'reputable'
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I had a pear. I'm currently doing laundry and have one of those portable washers that you pull up to the kitchen sink and connect to the faucet. So when I'm doing laundry my kitchen it's difficult to cook anything. For dinner I plan on making a pasta dish (forget the name of it though). It's large pasta shells stuffed with a spinach and cheese mixture and topped with pasta sauce and more cheese. It makes something like 12 servings but I'll have one serving and freeze 11 servings for future meals.
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I had a bowl of Gardennay Butternut Squash soup.
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Since its the last day we used some extra office money to order lunch for everyone from an italian place down the street. I had a calzone with chicken, spinach, artichoke hearts, garlic, ricotta cheese, and mozarella cheese. And a lemonade!
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Leftovers - Red Lobster's cajun chicken alfredo and cheese biscuits.
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I had a chicken quesadilla! I made it how you said Nikki and It was the best and it actually filled me up!
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a hummas cheese and hambuger quesadilla
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Today I had Swiss Chalet Festive Special...
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