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well, not only does Mav have ringworm, the first I knew of it was when she gave it to me!

I went to the doctor who was very unhelpful and didn't perscribe me anything (i have made a complaint - she was astudent doctor and really, really rude) and the vets are closed until after xmas.

So does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of ringworm, or stop it spreading for a few days atleast until we can both get treatment.
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Hmmm....I don't know if I can be much help. I don't know how different the treatments are in the UK vs. US. I know for people you can use Lamisil. I know there's something OTC mentioned that can be used on pets, too. Lemme search the forums to find the thread I am thinking of!
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Thank you so much.

I can't believe how rude and unhelpful my doctor was. she was a student doctor and the appointment was being filmed and she was going to be graded on it later.

when i asked her what it was she said "I dont know" really nastily then basically dismissed me!

I asked her if i could have caught it of the cat and she said "I said I dont know"

:censor::censor::censor:?! my regular (and even past students doctors) are so nice and helpful and use the books or their online database to search things if unsure. she just didnt do a thing.

I think we can get Lamisil here in the uk. I hjave just put dacktaryin (sp?) which we had in the cupboard on it. its an athletes foot cream. do you think that would help? (on me, not on the cat).

Do we need to treat all the family/pets too? With all the fur, I cant tell whose got it and who hasnt (the pets I mean. we arent all freakishly hairy).

Aggghhhh - last christmas she brought me a mouse, the one before that she ran away (three days before her spay) and got knocked up, this year she has given me ringworm!!

cats: not the best festive gift givers.
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I would ask at the chemist, I don't think ringworm treatments are prescription only, and now pharmacist are allowed to sell vetinary meds. they might even have something for the cats.
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Lamisil should help both you and your kitty. When I got Tammy-Timmy, she had ringworm. Dabbing just a little bit on her every day for ten days, pouff!!! it was gone and has never come back.

Fortunately, she didn't give it to me. Lamisil should help.
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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
Lamisil should help both you and your kitty. When I got Tammy-Timmy, she had ringworm. Dabbing just a little bit on her every day for ten days, pouff!!! it was gone and has never come back.

Fortunately, she didn't give it to me. Lamisil should help.
I couldn't find the thread I was thinking of, but you just confirmed what I thought! Lamisil can be put on kitties.
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Yes, go with Lamisil. We used the Lamisil AT on ours and it works fine. Just put a thin coating on Mav as she will lick it off if she notices it on her. Also, it does run its course and dies out after awhile. We had a very bad outbreak a few years ago and just let it go. Poor kitties looked horrible and hubby and I got it, too. It went away with no ill effects.

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Such a lovely gift to give your Meowmy, Mav!

I agree with Anne that you'll be best to go to the Chemist and see what they have! I know you can get good consultations in Boots

I hope you can keep it under control!
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Thanks for all your replies and great advice.

I'm going to go out in a bit and get some. Mine has cleared up almost completley, but Mav still looks fairly diseased.

It is all over my stomach because of the way I sleep with my arm (where the main patch was) draped across myself.

It's a good job I love her so much, diseased little creature she is!

(btw, can I pass it on to other humans if it's faded on myself? I have just had to cancel a hot date as I don't think he would want a dose of ringworm for xmas!)
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You can spread it to other humans, but if there's a layer of cloth between you and the other human, they shouldn't catch it. (in other words, cool off the hot date a little and you're fine. )
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The humane society I am with & vet. both use Sporanox to treat ringworm. I have had to deal w/ringworm many a time...human & feline...and have successfully treated it with CS - Colloidal Silver. You can purchase a small bottle in most health/vitamin stores and it works like a dream I have found that after just 3 days of CS treatment (2-3 times per day) new hair growth began & the contamination from feline to feline/feline to human ceased to exist.
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I went to my chemist today to get some treatment and he daid that I could only get it on prescription, even though I told me my doctor had refused to perscribe me anything!!

So now I have to wait until after xmas when the cotors are open again to get a presciption then go to the chemist. I am so angry!!
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You have to have a prescription for Lamisil??? It is an over the counter remedy. Did I miss something here?
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EXACTLY! Going to have to go to town tomorrow and see if anywhere else is open who will let me buy an over the counter medicine over the counter.

The NHS advice line and website evn say that i should be able to buy it without prescription.

Bought some tea tree oil shower gel and oil (will keep it away from the cats). Anyone know if this will help (me)?
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I have no further (useful) advice. I just hope you can get something to treat yourself & Mav!
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