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My year...

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I'd just like to share with everyone the top eight things that happened to me this year.

1. The adoption of Scratch. He has brightened my life more than anything else in the world. The first day when I brought him home he was so scared all he did was hide under a chair and meep. Now he is sleeping in my lap. I couldn't have asked for a better ending.

2. The discovery of TCS. The second day of Scratch's adoption wasn't going well, so I went online and found this wonderful site through Google. I couldn't have made it without you guys!

3. My new job. Last year at this time I was working for the worst company in the world. One year ago today I got the phone call telling me I got the job. It was the best decision I've ever made.

4. Renewal of my vows with my husband. He is my rock. I'd marry him again in a heart beat. I married my best friend.

5. 8-Bit's antics. I've been depressed most of my life. It sucks. But God gave me a gray kitten that seems to make me laugh every day. In my darkest moments I think about 8-Bit giving my bra as a gift to my Mom, and I laugh out loud.

6. Learning to let go. This is the first year of my life that I've realized I can't control all that goes on around me. I've learned this lesson first from Scratch and second from my SIL. It's a powerful one to learn, but it's been helpful.

7. Baking a pie that failed. Baking has taught me many things. The first and foremost is that if I fail at something that it's okay.

8. I am turning into my Mom, and that's okay. My Mom is one of the coolest people on the planet.
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wow. a lot of good things happened this year for you.

It would be cool if we all did a top 8 of things that happened this year.

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Originally Posted by HappyHendrix View Post
wow. a lot of good things happened this year for you.

It would be cool if we all did a top 8 of things that happened this year.

Go for it...
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It sounds like you have had a good year. I agree that our cats can teach so much.

And thanks for sharing 8-Bits wonderful antics and Scratch's wonderful progress.
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1. I got to work at a great place with great people who care about each other.

2. We found Jayne and reunited him with his mother.

3. We found Talin and adopted him.

4. BF finished his degree, with good marks.

5. I'm writing again.

6. I finished NaNoWriMo.

7. I have the outline for my Ph.D. worked out.

8. My college could not have been more supportive when I needed to take a Leave of Absence.

Many other things, to private to mention here.

Thank you for this wonderful idea, Lookingglass.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
8. I am turning into my Mom, and that's okay. My Mom is one of the coolest people on the planet.
I'll admit that my internal dialogue said "awwww!" when I read that- very sweet!
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awesome year in review!
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Sounds like its been a great year for you Heather.

I would have to say that the top things that happened to me this year are:

1. Moving to a new apartment. Our old apartment was small, old, leaky, dark...I cuold go on and on. I love our new place. Its not huge or fabulous, but is warm and safe and more importantly its "home".

2. Adopting Anya. She really is the only thing that keeps me sane living in this huge city with all of my family on the other side of the country. (Shhh...don't tell Brian that! ) She's been a blessing.

3. Getting a new car. The old one was dying. I had been driving since I was seventeen. It took me across country with all my earthly possessions. A lot of memories in that car and I miss it, but it was time to move on.

4. Getting promoted. I went from being the lowly receptionist to office manager. Hard work is sometimes rewarded!

5. My husband being promoted. He's now doing something he loves: producing DVD boxsets. Granted its not the best material always, but he now seems to love his job.

6. Making great friends. Not only did I also discover TCS this year and make great friends on here, but I finally spread my wings a little in this big city and made a couple of girlfriends. I've made a friend who lives 1 block from me who is fabulous. She has TWO wonderful kitties and we have lots of other things in common too.

7. Talks of moving east. We haven't set a date or anything, but we have discussed a plan of action and possible relocation cities.

8. Anya. I know I'm putting her twice, but she really does help level me out and make me happier than almost anything else.
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Sounds like youve had a great year! Heres my top 10 things.

1. Getting pregnant (even though it didnt seem like it at first)
2. Meeting John
3. Ditching Stan
4. Fostering and Adopting Bagheera
5. Adopting Buddy
6. Adopting Nazumi
7. Discovering alot of new friends on the best forum in the world!
8. Learning that Im really a good person and not to worry about what other people think!
9. Realising that my parents will always be there for me no matter what I do and wether its something they agree with or not.
10. Deciding to have all the fun I can and actually sticking to it!
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Good for you Lookingglass...recognizing good things in our lives is a really great thing to do... here are mine:

1. Discovering TCS!! I was just telling a coworker today that I would be lost without you guys

2. Having a healthy breakup, I am WAY happier now!

3. Paying $800 to bring Trout back from the brink of the bridge..I would do that a million times over if I had to.

4. Moving to a new place...My old place sucked.

5. Not missing a gym day in a full year!! I think that is awesome!!

6. Learning not to worry...."It just doesn't matter"....

7. Turned 25 so my insurance went down!!

8. Finally got a computer, digital camera and an mp3 player Now I'm addicted to all three!!
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Woo-hoo! Sounds like everyone had a good year!

So far, mine are:

1. Rescuing whitey before he even stepped foot in a shelter.

2. B getting a job during the first quarter of the year. That was a positive for this year compared to 2005.

3. Starting my master's degree

4. Reconnecting with some of my local friends.

5. Got a laptop and a new digital camera

6. Finding out that my brother and SIL are going through the process of adopting I'll be an aunt!

7. Finding out about possible grad work so that I may be able to leave my job (in 2007)

8. The fact that I'm still alive and able to see another year come. (no near death experience - just an appreciation of life in general)
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Great thread!

1. I quit a very stressful job back in February - and have never regretted it for one second! I had one of those 'aha' moments.

2. Started a small side business with Rob.

3. Worked on my photography and obtained lessons and advice from a professional photographer.

4. Adopted Phoenix, thinking it would help Nakita, but ended up giving her back to her foster mom.

5. Finished blueprints for new renovations on the house that will take place in 2007/2008.

6. Finished some home renovations, including tearing down the walls between the upstairs bedrooms - giving it a loft feel with exposed brick chimney.

7. Started to slowly figure out Nakita's health problems - through many trials. Currently found her to be anemic, but hopefully will now be able to pinpoint the originating cause. The allergies, itching, vomiting and hyperesthesia were probably all a build up to this underlying cause yet to be determined. One step closer, to the end of a long emotional road all for Nakita's recovery.

8. Found the perfect job this week. Excellent company, great growth potential and wonderful perks! It was a long time coming, but it happened!
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