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The growing up thread

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Sarahp asked me to make a thread showing how much Tobie has grown up... so here it is! Everyone else is welcome to show kitten-to-adult pics of their kitties, too.
Tobie is Ziggy and Sneaker's son. Sneakers got preggo accidentally by Ziggy (we got him fixed a little too late without knowing it). Sneakers had six gorgeous kittens. Tobie is the one we kept.

From hour one. Believe it or not, Tobie is the one on the right...

He's in there somewhere...

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Oh that precious baby
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That is so adorable!
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So where are your cats? I really wanted to see others' kitties too. It's so much fun to watch them grow up.
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Great thread! I love you, Tobie!

I dont have a lot of their baby pictures scanned ......just a few .......

Baby Kiko ..... he was a wild little baby with a big personality and so full of love

Big boy baby Kiko ..........still full of love and will take it all day long....

Baby Tino ..... shy and reserved ..... but a big snuggle bug

Big boy Tino .....strong, reserved and very confident and puts up with ZERO shenanigans

Baby Ducky ...... bouncy, funny always getting into everything

Big boy Ducky ...... my romantic little clown LOVES to cuddle at every opportunity ......

Baby Kiko (top) Baby girl Laura (bottom) very determined little girl, independent and full of love and cuddles

Big girl Laura. Very confident, strong and still a cuddle bug The family nurturer

Ummmmmm, excuse me your a little old for that
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That Tobie is such a handsome devil!!!

Here's some of Chay growing up -

At 12 weeks old when I picked him out

He was so tiny then!

All tuckered out from playing too much

Five months the day he came home with me - he got sooo much bigger!

At five or six months shortly after coming home

Its dark, but hopefully you can see his face here, without his full mask colored in yet

Now he's huge! That's a 10 gallon aquarium he's sitting on

My precious baby boy, snuggling with mom like the spoiled brat he is. I love his stripey mask now that its fully colored! :
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My, Chay is big!

I love Tino's coat... all the kitties are so handsome, and adorably cute as babies!
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I just ran across some more pics I had on a disk from when they were around 8 months old. I really need to look for all of their baby pics on disks.

Heres's Kiko about 8 months old ....

Tino 8 months ......

Ducky before his mane grew in .......

and baby Kiko just days old .....

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I don't have growing pictures of Moogy because I didn't have a digital camera when she was younger...
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Keiko and Pixelle are BEE YOO TI FUL! I love their cinnamon colored coats. (Or whatever that color is! LOL)
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I dont have any of Lily as a kitten. My parents have all of those. Also none of Zumi as a tiny baby.

Baby Annie Rose

Annie now

Kitten as a baby

A little bigger

Kitten now

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Look at Kitten's long legs... who would have known!
And Zumi's cute little black nose.

It's so much fun watching kittens grow up... no matter what you think they are going to look like, they always surprise you in some way.
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I always have to put Ziggy because she has changed so much, more then the others


All the girls

Zazzy is my Special Girl

Zinger Keeper of all
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Awwww Godiva - Tobie is sooo handsome, thanks so much!! It's amazing seeing his 1 hour old photo and seeing him now. It's so cool that you've had him since borth - he will always be one special boy
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Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
Look at Kitten's long legs... who would have known!
And Zumi's cute little black nose.

It's so much fun watching kittens grow up... no matter what you think they are going to look like, they always surprise you in some way.
Yeah Kitten has super long legs! When she was younger I thought she would have a nice thicker longer coat. Not long hair or medium hair but like my Lily. But instead she has the shortest fur Ive ever seen in a cat! She was such a fluffy kitten. Who would have guessed?
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Here's my little Smudge I'm sure everyone's seen these pics, but I love showing them :clapping:

Smudge at about 3-4 weeks old

Betting bigger...

Getting bigger...

Losing her baby fur

Getting even bigger!

And my big girl now at nearly 5 months!!!

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When she was just a little over a day old, where my friend found her in a warehouse and brought her to me

A little bigger

Walking around now

Attacking Daddy

Just Relaxing

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Wow, Portia is gorgeous - she just got prettier and prettier as she grew up, what a beautiful girl

I love the pic of her attacking her daddy
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She is a beautiful girl
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These pics are great!

At 10 weeks:

At 6 months and 10lbs:

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Aww - don't they grow up quick!

Here's Mosi at 9 weeks, 14 weeks and 1 year

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Radar is still a kitten, but here he is at 8.5 weeks old

And here he is a couple of weeks ago at 7 months old, now a gangly kitten instead of a fuzzy one:

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Everyone's babies look so beautiful... I love them all just by looking at their photos =)

Radar looks like a cat with a lot of purrsonality, he's posing for the shot! And what a LOOOOOONG tail Mosi had even as a young kitten...MuttigreeMom, I love the picture of your kitty "saluting" the tank of fish Portia was such a fiesty kitten... That pic of her attacking her daddy is priceless! Little Smudge trying to get a closer look at the sunflowers got me laughing...And it would be absolutely GREAT if Halfpint could get Ziggy to make that exact same sneezing face as she did when she was little But that's a one in a million chance hehe... Annie Rose looks just precious, too cute! Keiko and Pixelle have very beautiful colouring.. and I'm in love with their gorgeous eyes! Kiko, Ducky, Laura and Tino were such adorable kittens, I wonder how Pami could stay lucid with so much cuteness in one house! I love your little descriptions of each kitten's character and their character now that they've all grown up too Chay has grown from a scruffy little kit into a handsome giant with the most kissable face

And to round this long-winded passage off, I just want to say that I would STEAL Tobie in a flash! He's such a handsome youngster now! And very very cute when he was a kitten. Better keep him safe, Godiva... hehehe. By the way, May I ask if Tobie's momma Sneakers is a Brit shorthair? She kinda looks like one in the first picture but I can't be sure cos her kittens don't look anything like Brit shorthairs
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Here's my little man growing up... although he never got very old.

Here he is with his siblings. He's the one on the extreme right.

My scruffy little boy posing for a shot.

He seems to be very proud of his box here, but in reality, he seldom ventured in! The world outside was just too exciting.

I wonder where he took his modelling classes...

Here he is a little older

And this is one of the last shots I got to take of him. It was taken the morning of the day he passed on. We had to put him down due to FIP... But man, did he steal plenty of hearts while he was alive

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making trouble from day 1....Little Louie D-Boy

bein' a big boy ain't so bad.....

a scared semi-feral LuckyGirl her 1st time in a forever home....with people to her....
(can you see those eyes? as big as quarters...be still my )

the glamour puss today....please no paparazzi!!! I'm tryin' to sleep!

the 2 loves of my life.....
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My turn my turn

This is Hobo Skimbleshanks the day that we found him in a railroad boxcar. The vet's best guess puts him somewhere around 16 weeks old. He is still wearing his "protective layer" of creosote and raildust

..about a week later, Mischief Mistoffolees gets over the "new kitten syndrome" and decides to offer the Hobo a tail to snuggle with while he sleeps

..a little bigger. Turvy Demeter has adopted the Hobo as her #1 adopted son

..bigger still. 2 months on, Mischief is teaching the young Hobo all about "guy cat" stuff..

..getting bigger. Even though he's already as big as she, momma Turvy is still protective of her baby

and Hobo Skimbleshanks now, a big ole' spud of a cat, but still every bit a "momma's boy"

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Mike, that was so cute, my eyes got a bit glassy.... I Hobo!!!
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The only other Jellicle that I have baby pics of is the Diva..Etcetera D'Calico..This is my mother's favorite picture of Etcetera, she says that the wolf's ears on the blanket makes it look like Etcetera has "angel's wings"

With Etcetera also, Turvy Demeter stepped up to act as mommy for the orphan kitten...

Trouble from the word "go"

Several months old now, this is Etcetera's first venture checking out Turvy Demeter's "Jellice throne", to which Etcetera is heir apparent

and this is the Diva today...she's gained a few pounds, and has a tendency to guard the microwave whenever anything chicken is cooking
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awwww, Diva is sooooo cute. I can see why your mom loves that pic! It does look like angel wings . But she also looks like she has the face of a baby fox! what a sweetie!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
Mike, that was so cute, my eyes got a bit glassy.... I Hobo!!!
Aww thank you. I try really hard not to play favorites, but Hobo is my big loveable shoulder-riding clown kitty.
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