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some asthma questions

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1)How many is too many attacks a day?
2)Can cats have asthma attacks from other cat's fur?
3)Does drafty cold air affect them?
4)Could this be a sign of food allergies? I switched about 2 months ago and this all started 2 weeks ago.

Molly isn't spitting up. Her eyes aren't bulging. After the attacks she is very loving. She has been wanting can food more often. So far the stool samples are negative for worms. I was also wondering if she was eating more to either encourage Benson to eat or she is thinking she can produce milk again.

All these symptoms started when Benson entered our home. She has had attacks like this back when we lived with mom and the vet wasn't concerned. We have spent $500 so far on Benson and it has been really tough on us. I truely don't want to jump the gun & spend more $ at the vet for nothing.

She is acting normal except for wanting more food. She doesn't have attacks after playing for long periods.

Thanks for your wisdom in advance.
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from my very limited recent experience with an asthmatic cat, what is she doing when she has attacks?
I think an attack a day is too much. We're trying to get Isis to the point where she is well all the time. If your vet isn't concerned, I would switch vets.
I would say that cat fur can definately trigger them. Dust, fur..

I'm not sure about the drafts and stuff.
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