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ok this is it

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OMG!!! I did something to my hand I am friggen giving up here, I guess I wouldn't mind if I knew how I did it I can't squeeze any thing together it's swollen hot and I can't move my thumb. I have to go to work What a piece of crap this body is If I could just go to a rest home for a year or so, It only took me 10 minutes to type this So at least I got the gifts wrapped last night My oldest daughter came to help me. So I don't think I'll be pokeing fun or doing to much unless a miracle happens I will be on the broke down list.
So everyone have a fun day and send vibes that I can do something one handed Don't do anything without me
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I hope your hand is better soon! No fun typing one handed!
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Please go to the doctor. It could be broken, infected (have you visited any hospitals recently?) sprained, or the result of really serious RSI (I don't think it would be hot though). That's just the stuff I know about. Please do the doctor, you know we'd be so mad if you were talking about a kitty and you weren't going to the vet.
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Come on, you are not old enough to fall apart
Hope you get better soon.
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Dang Lois, you are not that old! maybe you slept on it wrong???

Get better, ok?
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I feel for you! For the past month and a bit, I've been typing with little or no use from my middle finger of my right hand! Hence all the typos! I had surgery on it recently...not trying to freak you out!!! And I still can't make a proper fist and I'm right handed! It was caused by an infected cat bite...

Try an ice pack for 10 minutes and see if it feels better...or else, go see a Dr.!

Feel better soon!
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Come on, you are not old enough to fall apart
Hope you get better soon.

I started early like 40, I have degenerative joint disease so it's alway's one part or another, most of the time it doesn't hurt to bad anywhere when it happens unless you move Kinda hard to give that up I'm off to do what I can it feels a bit better from just soaking it in warm water and taking soma advil.. I alway's say to far from my to kill me I hope
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Hmm,.... maybe carpal tunnel and it inflamed it when you were wrapping?

I'll have Pepsi sing the Mexican Hat Dance to cheer you up
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That sounds exactly like what my SO is having right now. His doc said it was severe CTS and possible impingement of the ulnar nerve. I have been massaging it, and he has been using a pariffin treatment on it. You know, those tubs that melt the pariffin and you dip your hands in the warm liquid. He also got a brace that you can get at any drugstore. He said the heat has been doing the most toward making it feel better and loosening it up. Those pariffin tubs are around 30 dollars at Wal-Mart, and worth their weight in gold for sore hands and wrists. I hope it gets better soon.
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Aw, Lois that sucks to be so sore..Is it something that you should go to the doctor for? It sounds kinda serious if you can't even move it..
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Take care of that hand!!!
Seriously now you will have to unwrap all your presents one-handed.
My mom has to take Dad to Doctor today (good luck) as his hand is all hot and swollen-she thinks his gout is acting up though.
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I know you have probably thought of this....but how about some nice epsom salts with that warm water. Just soak it for about 10 minutes, or if you are in a hurry, make a poultice with a towel and lay it on the hand. Maybe it will help. Hope you feel better.
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oh...I really hope your feeling better. I hate the feeling of having a broken hand/foot!

Good luck doing one handed activitys!
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