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Tuesday's DT

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Okay, now I KNOW I'm in the lounge today!!! :LOL:

Not sure what happened with yesterday's thread...I could have sworn I posted it in the lounge....sleep deprivation does funny things to one's mind! :laughing:

Melissa....glad to hear you got the job, I hope it goes well!

It is 12:30 AM here now. Amber finally fell asleep, so I am going to bed very soon. Today will be a pretty boring day....not much going on except some phone calls I need to make. (Insurance co, hospital, etc.)

I hope everyone has a great day!

Jeanie, I hope that grandson of yours is doing much better today!!!! He is in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!! The parents must be so worried, I know I would be!!!
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Debby, the way you're going, maybe you should go on the graveyard shift, when you go back to work!

I'm working at the bad store, today and tomorrow. My days off are split, this week. I HATE that store! The manager is anal-retentive and psycho. He goes around, in the mornings with a Polaroid camera and takes pictures of what the closing crew missed! I'd like to know who he p.o.'d at corporate, to get that crappy store.

Oh well, the day will end up, fine - Bill is grilling a steak and we'll have a nice evening, together.

Have a good one!
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Today is dragging for some reason. I've about run out of things to do to keep me from loosing my mind. :laughing: I think I might start reading a book to help the time go by faster. Has anyone read or heard of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis? Hubby read it and really liked it, so I thought I'd read it too.

Our air conditioning unit is acting funny. It broke over the weekend, so someone came out and fixed it yesterday. But, the fan stopped again sometime yesterday afternoon. Hubby tried to fix it last night by putting some WD-40 on it, but that didn't seem to work. Then miraculously it started working again sometime during the night.
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Mmmmmm...grilled steak *drool* I'm so jealous! Grilling is still outlawed here, so I haven't had a good grilled anything in months.

The weather is just perfect for me today. Cloudy, raining lighly, high in the low 60s. I love days like this! It's still not quite chilly enough to start a fire in my new fireplace, and I don't have any wood even if it was. I've always thought it funny that most people get depressed in weather like this, and it puts me in a great mood!

Seems the crud is going around the office again. I sure hope I don't pick this up. One of our CAD guys called in today and sounded like death warmed over. I almost feel like I am getting sick, but maybe not. I just can't seem to get enough sleep, wake up tired, have no energy. Of course, that could just be stress too. I don't want to talk myself into being sick.

Hope everyone has a great day today!
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Sarah...isn't C.S. Lewis the one who wrote "The Chronicles of Narnia"? Let me know if you like the book, I may have to get it!
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