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Cats eating poop???

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Hi all,
So yesterday I fed my kitties around normal feeding time and then afterwards my kitten Ivy used her litterbox (also as normal) and then my other cat Hollie went into Ivy's litterbox and scratched around (still normal). I always figured Hollie did that either to use it also, or just smell what the kitten had just done. Maybe 15 min. later I picked Hollie up and kissed her on her cheek and I think smelled poop/litter on her fur. Then this morning my boyfriend found that one of them had thrown up during the night. He said he thinks it was Hollie because she was sitting next to it when he found it but when he cleaned it up it was cold and not warm so it must have happened sometime last night. I am thinking this is one of two things since she RARELY throws up.

1. She and the kitten usually run and chase each other pretty hard after they eat and I have seen her vomit because of that before, BUT it ALWAYS wakes me up and I didn't hear anything last night.


2. She may have eaten the kitten poop

SO I would like to know if anyone has any input on this eating poop thing. I didn't think cats did that, and if they do, how do I keep her from eating it again. My boyfriend and I are about to leave for a week for Christmas to visit my family in WI. I am very nervous about leaving the kitties for that long (even tho we will be having a pet sitter come once a day) and I especially don't want to leave them if one is sick. Hollie did eat normally and act normally when my boyfriend fed them this morning.
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I don't think he ate poop. Vomiting in healthy cats happen due to hairball, a slight upset stomach or something stuck on the throat. Once it's out of his system he behaves normally.
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