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I need to buy a new iron ...... What kind does everyone use? I saw a Panasonic one on Target's web site for $24.99, but dont know how cheap it is.
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For the first time ever....I bought an iron about 2 months ago. I went from one being given to me from my mom and then one as a gift when we got married. I spent 6 years using an iron that did not "steam" properly without knowing it! I used to get soooo upset when a certain kind of material did not seem to iron out properly.

Anyways, ended up buying an iron at Zellers ( don't know if they have a Zellers near you, or even if they exist there). Paid $14.95 canadian for it and it is just about the best thing I have ever bought! It works like a charm.

Just make sure it's a "steam" iron and not a "dry air" one and you'll be fine, regarless of the price. Just don't get suckered into spending big bucks for the same results as what I am getting now.
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Na, I don't need one of those $50.00 irons ...... I don't even iron myself. I just take the clothes out as soon as they are done & de-wrinkle them with my hands. But, somethings just need to be ironed. I bought a pair of beige colored linen pants, and do those things wrinkle in a hurry!
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Iron?? What's that???? :laughing: Just kidding!! I actually very rarely iron anything, but I do own an iron, and will have to start using it now that I have a baby and many of her little dresses will wrinkle easily.
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I think I got the cheapest iron I could find at Wal Mart when I bought one for college. Not that I ever used it in college, but I had it just in case. I think it is a Sun-something, and I think I paid like $10 for it. Works just fine, the few times I actually use it.
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