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My butt hurts....

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I forgot to post on here about our giving the girls baths. Phantom has a hard time cleaning her butt properly and gets poo stuck in it that i have to either pull out or cut out. Well Lee kept comlpaining that Phantoms paws were dirty (she found some dirt clods from his work boots to play with). So I told him if he helped me we could give them baths. Deal. He pipes up quickly and says that he wants to give Phantom the bath and I could wash Phenom. I already knew Phenom is the better one in the bath so I agreed. We ran some water in the tub with the plan to wash them at the same time and knock the chore out quickly.

All is going well. We have them both in the bathroom with the door shut and the water in the tub. I grab Phenom and put her in the water with little trouble. Lee grabs Phantom and walks toward the tub. Phantom starts trying to get away. He gets her in the tub and she jumps out back into his hands and then grabs my butt with all her razor sharp claws out. Soo I have 3 perfect little claws marks on my butt.

They are both clean and fine now but Phantom was really mad the rest of the night!
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I would think you would be a bit mad with claw marks in your butt.

Oh the joys of kitty parenthood!
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Oh no! I can feel your pain through the screen!

I once tried to give Mayhem a bath - bad idea. This 26lb boy with paws the size of golf balls and claws to match decided he was going to get out of the tub if it killed him...... of course he did it by climbing up my leg, digging his claws into the middle of my back and then turning the entire right half of my back into deli meat. Still have the scars!

Hope you have a speedy recovery
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I gave up on giving my cats a bath. Fortunately, there haven't been any disasters that would require a dunking. I use a very damp cloth to just wipe them down and they like that. They seem to receive it as a friendly grooming thing. My long hair had a poo-on-the-butt problem until I changed her food. But while we had the problem, she gladly lay on her side while I wiped ... and wiped ... and wiped.

Hope your butt recovers!
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I know how you feel. My cats are the worst to bath. My arms, legs, stomach...anything they can get at all get scratched up.
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Ha! You should have heard me screaming "Get her off my A!!!"
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