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New kitten owner need advice

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Ok iam a new kitten owner i have had my oldest kitten for about 3 weeks now(shes 12 weeks old)her name is kitty and my younger one for 3 days(she is 7 weeks old) her name is missy.
Iam confused about pet food and litter what is good brands to use for both?
right now iam useing Arm & Hammer flushable litter and Eukanuba dry kitten food and Eukanuba canned kitten food,are they good to use? if not what other brands of litter and food would everyone here recommend?
Ohh ya and for treats i have Pounce Seafood medley and Whiskas Temptations
are those good too?
Sorry about all the questions i have never owned cats until recently and i want to do everything right.
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sounds like you have a good start. arm and hammer is a good brand of litter. the best i have found has been fresh step scoopable with cedar... only probelm with it is that i have difficulty finding it. the trick with litter is finding a kind that your kitties prefer.... some are very finicky and will resist any changes... if your kitties like it and it controls odor(with daily scooping), then i would stick with it.
eukanuba is a good food....also iams and hills science diet. decisions about what is best for your kitties should be decided with the help of your vet if you are unsure. never give your babies your dairy products no matter how much they want it. i understand that kitties are lactose intolerant.... in other makes their tummy very sick and can end up creating quite a lot of discomfort for kitty and mess for you.there are several different brands of special "cat milk" that won't hurt kitty. you can get it at most pet stores and some grocery stores as well(the whiskas brand). my two cats love it and it doesn't bother them.
give the babies lots of toys to play with.... kittens are very playful and will even playfight with each other much of the time. it's part of how they learn.
they have lots of energy, and will be prone to mad dashes thru your place... normal. just be patient with them. adult cats even do this from time to time because of having pent up energy from being indoors.

hope this helps you out. let me know if you need any more assistance.
best wishes for your and your new babies
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The litter and food are fine

However, I'm a bit concerned that you got the kittens too soon - ideally kittens should not be going to new homes till 10-12 weeks old. The time up to 10 weeks is a very important social/mental development time.

They need to learn to be cats, learn proper cat interaction behavior with siblings/adult cats, etc. Also should be totally litter trained, eating well, not nursing (kittens STILL nurse over 2 months old), and have some house manners.

Hopefully you will not have any future social problems with yours. At least they have each other to play with - I'd really be concerned about an only kitten who would have no examples of how to be a cat.

BTW where did you get the kittens?
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I would skip the treats. the ingredients are sugar and other non-nutritional stuff. They don't need treats. Just good kitten food and lots of it, which seems to be what you are doing.
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I got them both from my local shelter.
and the shelter said it was fine to praise with treats like when they use the scratching post and such which it has helped they both use the post always now.
They are both fully litter trained and eating very well too.Thanks for all the advice
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I only mentioned the non nutritional value of the treats because you seemed concerned about the quality of the food you were giving. You can do a search on this site and find out how to determine the quality of food. Do what you like, I thought you wanted to know.
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Gailluvscats is right about THOSE treats. Pounce and Whiskas are junk food with no nutrition in it and they may actually be harmful for the cats since they are full of preservatives and artificial ingredients that can cause problems down the line. The food is fine. The litter probably also, though if you are worried about the kittens tasting the litter you might try getting an organic one. I like Nature's Miracle best but there is also Swheat Scoop and World's Best (which I didn't think was.)

I recommend using dried salmon or chicken treats that you can get in any pet store. Interestingly enough the upstairs kitty who was the fattest has dropped several pounds when she switched from Pounce to the dried salmon treats.

You need treats for kittens to teach them how to learn and reward them for a job well done. Just make it a wholesome, nutritious treat.
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I agree less treats and find a good all meat treat .... Are you supplementing them with KMR?? You likely should be giving only wet at this pt ... I dont care for Eukanubas ingrediants for the price but at this pt you need to get them to thrive so dont change that ... You can use a piece of kibble as a treat ... litter at there age should be NON clumping or a natural like sweet scoop or worlds best... I use chn feed
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If you happen to live where the drains empty into the sea you should not use flushable litter. Many sea otters are dying of toxoplasmosis and flushable cat litter is thought to be one of the possible reasons why they are being infected. Toxoplasmosis is not neutralized by water treatment plants:
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Sounds as if your kittens have landed on their feet when they found you to look after them! Not everyone cares so much about the quality of the food they give

I don't know if they're available where you are (I'm in the UK) but I use Webbox 'Cat's Delight' treats which are mostly meat or fish, they are useful when enticing your cat to behave in certain ways, not bad for them at all, and Radar says they're very tasty indeed!
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I have only given Kitty 2 treats since i have had her and Missy only one,So i havent used them alot and dont really plan too it was just something for a once in awhile thing to encourage the scratching post, which they both caught on rally fast and havent given the treats since then.
I also found out today iam going to get Missys sister they are delivering her to me in the next 2 days iam not sure what my new kitty will look like but iam still really excited about her.
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How wonderful for you. The kits will have company and you will have a good time. Here's hoping they are healthy and happy with you into the new year.

WildSide Salmon isn't expensive--I think it is actually cheaper than POUNCE--and it's great for the cat's coat as well as its motivation. There are other brands of dried fish or chicken that are also very good, some sold by one of the site's sponsors. I wish you luck!
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
I would skip the treats. the ingredients are sugar and other non-nutritional stuff. They don't need treats. Just good kitten food and lots of it, which seems to be what you are doing.
I agree! They make Benson over excited!
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