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For those kitties that man shot...

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I was on another forum & browsing the cat section. I saw a thread about a cat being shot & read the initial post. A cat was found shot in the head in Canada. Play happily over the rainbow bridge poor kitty! So I read on to see a post by another member telling about he shot cats in the head! He mentioned one he shot in the head like 8 times that didn't die, it crawled away!

So here I am still crying after reading that post. I doubt anyone will do anything about a post like that in the cat forum. That member on that board isn't there for the cat section. It broke my heart to think of how many poor cats he shot....and how they suffered. I knew you guys would understand & I had to tell someone, so I thought I would post here. One of the many reasons TCS is so great. ....sigh....
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Poor babies! Never will you suffer in the hands of some one like him again. Play and be happy sweet kitties.
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Poor, poor kitties. I, too, read today about atrocities committed against cats and also against a dog, Cuffs, who was murdered by kids who set the owner's car on fire with the dog inside Heaven has a special place for those poor animals; the Creator has a special "other" place for the monsters who commit such atrocities
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OMG Those poor kitties.
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sweet darling kitties - play happily, free from any harm

I will light a candle to help guide you home


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People like that always get theirs.

R.I.P Sweet Innocent little babies
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Oh God, just when you think people couldn't be any more cruel

Play happily over at the bridge you sweet angels because your safe now

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What kind of sicko would brag about murdering helpless cats on a cat forum?

Thank goodness for moderation.
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Rest in peace, sparks of divine, little lives - play happily at Rainbow Bridge.
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Some people are just EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by furryferals View Post
People like that always get theirs
Agreed, my nan always said "what goes around, comes around" .........and I am sorry but people like that deserve EVERYTHING thats coming to them, it makes my blood boil

Rest In Peace, all little ones that have ever suffered under the hands of a mindless, thoughtless, idiotic moran who deem to call themselves human

Pls remember there are many that love you and your kind, that love will always be sent to you all forever
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I'm so sorry for what happened to you sweet babies. RIP and play happily in a better place.
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