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In need of Prayers

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3 States in Malaysia have already been flooded and flood warnings have been issued for 3 more! It may just be a miserable X'mas weekend over here.

If you could spare the time, could you please send up a prayer or two to God and/or whatever higher being you believe in please? Ask Him to send the rains to Australia where they need it! Maybe send the snow in Colorado there too!

Thanks! I know TCS prayers work!

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Oh No! I will certainly keep you guys in my prayers!
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hope you stay dry and safe until the rain moves on
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OH NO! Is your area having trouble? Please stay safe! Your in my prayers.
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Oh! I'm so sorry that your country men and you are going through this
This is the last thing people need at this special time of year.

{{{{I'm Saying Prayers For You ,Your Family and Countrymen/women }}}}

Stay safe
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Ohh vibes coming your way ....
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Yikes! Stay safe and dry!
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I hope everything is okay, and yes we do need the rain here in Aus.
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Thank You! Keep them coming!!! I'm still dry but we've had major cloud cover over my area for the past 3 days!!! As soon as the rains start the fur babies will be moved upstairs (wont THAT be fun!), we've rolled up the carpets already we're READY for the water! I live right next to the Klang river (no kidding, it's about 20 feet away!) and the whole family and friends are on standby!

Pray the rains come and not flood and send it to Australia!!!

Again, thanks from us over here!
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Sending {{{{{{prayers and vibes}}}}}} that Malaysia be spared any more floods, and that the rain be diverted to Australia, as a blessing instead
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TCS vibes headed your way!
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Aw, I am sending many vibes and prayers that the flooding will stop soon
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More prayers and vibes coming you way. Send that water to Danielle!
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Many prayers headed your way. Please stay safe!
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))))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((
Many good wishes for stop the flood....
keep us updated about it..
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Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you.
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My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your countrymen.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you all
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