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Did I do the right thing or did I make a mistake? r/o

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I found my two cats outside..I took them inside. Both are wonderful cats and very well behaved. I got them both fixed..they are two males. Switched them to Nutro.

The only thing is we travel a lot a few weeks at at time but my inlaws check on the cats twice a day and are big cat lovers. THey spend time with them and feed them and play with them.

Do you think it is okay that I kept them? Even though we travel a lot but we leave them in good care? they seem really happy and could care less when we are gone and when we come back home. I think I have had them inside for four months and have taken..One a three week trip, a one week trip, and another two week trip.
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as long as they seem happy , and there being well cared for, then i dont think you did the wrong thing atall. well done for taken them in and being a caring mummy .
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Thank you. I just worry I was selfish for taking them in and here I leave them..but they are really happy and have no litter box problems or anything.
Greg & Doris (my in laws) spend a half hour with them in the morning and in the evening and sometimes longer playing with them...and sometimes they even check on them 3 times a day. They have a cat too and only live a block away from us.

At first my inlaws were coming and feeding them outside while we were gone but my mil said it was just as easy to change their litter box and feed them inside the house and make them house cats...I think she was right.
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I think you did the right thing. If you live in an area like mine, it's the city, it's crowded and I see too many dead cats

I wonder about that too when I look at sephie, he was found outside too and some days I look at him and ask him "you are better here aren't you?". When it rains, I tell him "aren't you glad you're not out in that?"
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I think you did the right thing, sounds like you have a good arrangement with your inlaws. It's better for them to be safely indoors than living on the streets.
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I think it sounds perfect! Some cats don't need a lot of human contact, and if you brought them in from outside, I'm sure they are happy babies. Just make sure they have lots of toys to occupy their time so you come home to a whole house! I have one cat that is very needy but the other 5 really couldn't care less if we are here or not, as long as they have food, water and clean litter. Sounds like you did good
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You did these cats a wonderful favour, and the fact that they don't even miss the litter box means they are showing how grateful they are. Your parents give them some companionship, they are warm and fed, and they do see you, if not every day. Their time on the street made them reliant on each other...so it sounds like you and they have the best of both feline worlds!
If they could talk, these cats would be blessing you.
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Thanks everyone! They do have a lot of toys to keep them busy and places where they can look out the window. They play with each other a lot too. I just cover up the couch when I leave because they do have their claws we just keep them trimmed. So far the only they they tear up is Tissues & Packing Peanuts. LOL! They have a lot of scratching posts and I rub cat nip on them so they only scratch on their stuff.
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I have one cat (8 months old) and will be leaving soon for a week. He is going to stay at my parents where I know he'll always have people around (they are retired) and get plenty of attention. I have taken him over there a few times for visits (he didn't hide, just explored a lot, but he did meow a lot "why am I here?").

Anyhow, I am still worried about leaving him -- Nobody told me cats would make you worry as much as my kids make me worry. I think I would die of guilt if I ever left him for 3 weeks but at least your kitties have eachother and are used to it.
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