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Cat with fur clumps/Mats

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hello-my cat (who is part maincoon and is very big) has lots of clumps on his fur. Usually happens in wintertime. We brush him but he doesn't really like it. He is very strong and will fight back if you try to cut it. Is there product that we can use, or any other solutions, maybe a sedative.
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my friend had a outdoor/indoor cat and she would be gone for a few days and come back with matted hair. We had to towel her to cut them out.
Even if she doesn't like it, you need to brush her or take her to get groomed to avoid the matted hair.

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For my long hairs I use a wide tooth comb followed by a fine tooth comb, a brush doesn't work it won't get into the fur enough.

For bad matts you may need to cut them out, towel him as suggested, slide the comb under the matt close to his skin then cut along the comb, that way you won't make a mistake and cut his skin.

You could also take him to a groomer if he's really too much for you to handle.
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Yes, you have to be firm and comb your cats mats out regularly. And I like Missymotus idea for clipping mats because I always hesitate to suggest cutting them out to folks since it's so easy to cut the skin. If you can't slide a comb under the mat then they are too close to the skin and you need to take h im to a groomer. Regarding sedative... The only way I know of to get one is to get a prescription from the vet.
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JC has two spots that he gets mats on; I have to finger-comb them cuz he shares that MC trait of hating to get mats worked on.
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