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Trapped Another One

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Hobbling Hubby (after back surgery last week) trundled out to set the trap since we have so many visitors these days. He trapped Sheldon's brother (a Tuxedo), who just recently turned up again after many weeks. Took him to the Vet today. Again, no fleas, no ticks! He'll be neutered, and we'll bring him home whenever Vet says it's O.K.

Another new visitor as of last night is a white and Grey (don't know if it's male or female yet). Has exact pattern of Sheldon, so I would describe it as a tuxedo, but grey instead of black.

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Yeah for you! Wow, I can't believe Gary would be out trapping kitties this soon after back surgery. It seems your kitties are a very healthy lot. Amazing that none of them have had fleas or ticks.
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Hmmm- isn't this the same man who didn't like cats???? LOL
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I know - it IS amazing. Both about Hubby and the no flea/tick thing. And this is Deer tick country. And Booger hasn't turned up with a flea or tick all summer (we are using Frontline on her but still.....)!!!!

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Laurie - how many does this make now?

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Good question! Let's see. Outside: Booger, the stray we care for. Inside: Lazlo and Sheldon. Other Ferals/Strays: Their three brothers, Julius (neutered); Tuxedo (Gary named him when we took him to the Vet), now neutered and happily released, playing around the R.V. today; and Spooky, as yet untrapped. The kids' mom, Mommy, now spayed. Sheldon and Tuxedo's Dad, (black & white) un-named and not yet trapped. Julius' Dad, (orange tabby - look - I'm even learning the lingo!) un-named and as yet un-trapped. The new grey & white, same pattern as Shel and Tuxedo, un-named (male or female?) and as yet un-trapped. This one doesn't run - only moves a few feet away, so we'll probably be able to pet and/or trap it pretty easily soon. There's also the grey mommy, un-named and un-trapped. We'll wait until her kittens are older to try. Her kittens will probably be along shortly. Shadow, the beautiful all black cat (male or female?), also un-trapped. Haven't seen Lazlo and Spooky's dad yet, but he must be around somewhere.

So how many is that? If I counted right, eight ferals we know of with three successfully neutered/spayed, (although we haven't seen Mommy since we had her spayed), an un-accounted for Dad, un-known number of kittens yet to appear, and our three little loves. Well - Booger's pretty big. She's fattened up nicely over the summer, and probably runs 14 or so pounds now.

We put out food for 10 (generous portions!) and it all disappears, although it could be just the eight of them. Didn't realize it was so many - guess we'll have to up the amount of food we're putting out. Booger gets fed separately because she just isn't part of the colony.

Wow! Pretty impressive for a "dog" person and a cat-hater - LOL!
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That's impressive! Y'all should pat each other on the back for doing such good work with all these kitties! Oh....change, that! I don't want you hurting Gary's back by patting it too hard.
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LOL! Had to share that one with hubby (whose interest in our cats at home doesn't really extend to the Cat Site. My pleasure here is enough for him).

Oops! Just found out. I don't think the orange kitten and Dad are orange tabbies. I think they're what're called ginger. ? I tried to take pics, but apparently our digital camera doesn't work well in sunlight. It was all washed out. We'll feed them later tomorrow night. :tounge2:
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Laurie! Aren't you glad you posted with us? I remember your first post, when we all hurried to urge you to feed, trap and neuter. Aren't we great friends? (Yep, I'm ducking!) I'm sure you have been rewarded for your good works already, and have a gold star in God's eyes.
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Jeannie, all the support and words of encouragement have literally changed our lives! Hubby and I now have two "kids," and we can't imagine our lives without them!!! What are you ducking from? My hugs?

And not only that, I now spend time on here every day. Because we've been off due to hubby's surgery, I've had time to get to "meet" so many incredible people. I find myself laughing and crying with so many, "holding hands" in an internet kind of way, and praying for people and their families (including pets!) through great times and tough times. I've asked for support and gotten it! And I've learned SO MUCH about my kitties, their needs and their behavior, and ("Heeheehee" she snickers) all for free! :tounge2:

And now we have a growing extended family, so... so many kitties send their thanks too!


P.S. Hubby's been trying to figure out a way for us to create some kind of set up whereby we can socialize the kitties too. The Vet contacted us to put us in touch with a woman who wants to start a Rescue service that has a fostering network to help adopt out the kittens. We'll see what happens.

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