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Recently spayed kitten....

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About a week and a half ago my 4 month old kitten got spayed. They gave her stitches on her abdominal wall, so that she wouldn't chew on them and then they closed her up with surgical glue. The stitches, I assume, will dissolve but I am noticing a scab-like thing on her tummy now. Is this normal? SHe doesn't seem to lick it that much and when she does I try to stop her. I think it may itch her and I hope that means its healing. Everything else is normal, she eats fine, poops and pees fine, normal activity...I just want to make sure that its not infected. It is not oozing....it just looks grosser than I think it should for a week and a half. Please let me know your thoughts
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Do you smell anything in that area? I had a tough time keeping Molly from licking. She had the dissolvable stitches. I don't recall a lump but it was 6 years ago. Have you called the vet?

BTW did your vet send you home with antiboitics?
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No the vet didnt send me home with anything. The vet said that the kitten was given enough pain meds for 48 hours. But she isnt acting like it hurts her...she is a little ball of crazy like always. I havent called the vet yet because she isnt acting any different or like it hurts her in any way...she even lets me touch it and poke it so I know it doenst hurt her.
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Mine had a lump where the stitches were still dissolving under the skin (you could really see them after the swelling went down), and I think I remember a little redness/scabbing, but my vet gave me a free recheck on her stitches (one didn't disolve and had to be pulled when it worked it's way to the surface- still free ) and all I paid for was the antibiotics (they wanted to make sure the redness wasn't from infection starting from the stitch ).
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