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Ginger and the Christmas Tree

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I'm sure glad I only half decorated the tree this year. And I'm also glad I happened to have the camera at the ready when she did this! It's really hard to "discipline" at cat, or tell them that she shouldn't do something when you're giggling uncontrollably!

Where's Ginger?

Oh, there you are!

"Um, how do I get down from here?"

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Hey Ginger, I see you!
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it looks like ginger is going in for the kill!
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I think that's a beautiful ornament you have there!
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The poor little baby looks stuck!
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Sweet little Ginger Cookie, always good for a smile!
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Oh, Ginger, what a sweet little nut you are!
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Ginger, what did you find in there?
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awe that is toooo cute its so funny how u put up a tree and the cats either sleep or explore it or both I gotta post my x-mas pictures of Bella but I havent gotten around to uploading them yet and Storime she doesnt care for the tree s hes a weirdo
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Oh!!!!! Ginger your not supposed to climb the tree sweetie
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...oh Ginger, mischief girl!......

......she looks prettie beautiful on it!!....

I hope, Mojo donĀ“t take note of that behaviour!...
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post

Awwww....I can also see my Christmas ornament there in the corner!
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Ginger is waiting for you to finish decorating the tree!
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That's just too cute!
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