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4 yr old just started suckling

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My sister has 4 yr old twin tuxedos, she got them at 5 weeks old (the lady wouldn't keep them any longer)
Sebastian has just started sucking on people. He likes to suck clothes mostly or lick skin and he kneads your arm while purring.

It's not really a problem, she just puts him down when he does it but she wants to know why now, after 4 years he's started it.
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im sorry i dont have an answer for your question . but i do know that alot of cats/kittens that was taking away from there mum to young will suckle on clothes or skin ect.. as a comfort thing. my 8 month old kitten has done this since he was 4 weeks old . but after 4 years and only now started , has anything changed in his surrandings? maybe his felling a little inscure and just needs a bit of comfort. is he getting along ok with his sibling? other then that i wouldnt like to say. i dont think it would be anything medically wrong but them again i am not a vet lol. hope someone will be along to give a bit more advice then i can.
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Yeah, i know that they often do it when taken too young. He gets along with the other 4 cats, though he's always been a bit hissy.
He started it just before I came here last week. I don't mind it, I'll just have to clip his claws though as my sister doesn't do that
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The Kneading means he is very happy. You want him to do that. Yes I'd clip his claws first, but it's a nice present from a happy cat.

As for the sucking..what about making him some toys out of the right kind of fabric and giving them to him? He might just like the taste of wool.
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Benson started suckling me today! It's so cute! Hubby thinks he is stealing me away from him & trying to give hickies. lol
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
He might just like the taste of wool.
It's summer here, so no wool in sight
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Everest is seven months (going on eight months soon) and he still suckles. He used to suckle on my shirt when I was laying down but a couple of months ago I got him "trained" to suckle on one of the spare pillows that I have on the bed against the wall. It's pretty cute. He'll knead and purr away as he suckles laying right next to my right shoulder. After a minute or two he'll stop and look at me then go back to suckling. He'll also stop to jump and lay on my chest to be pet before suckling again.

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