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10 minutes

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Just a little while ago, I was actually thinking that I was going to have to put Trace Tumblebrutus and Mischief Mistoffolees in separate rooms. There wasn't any blows or punches thrown, but it seem like any second, there would be!! Mischief was hissing and spitting, Trace was trying to back him into a corner and was caterwalling and puffing up.....

10 minutes later, I found them in the bedroom doing the buddybuddy again, sitting in the window and hanging out..

Cats? Who can figure 'em?
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I know that feeling well! 8-Bit and Scratch will get in to a spat then a few moments later they will just chill out together. I have no idea what goes through their minds.
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Easy one minute will be growling, hissing and slapping them and a few minutes later, she will be grooming them. Silly cats.
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thats the mystery of cats for u but so cute ...though stormie and bella only fight when bella starts to groom stormie....weirdos
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Mine are exactly the same. They can start playing but then one of them gets a bit too rough, then the next their snuggling right next to each other Funny little things.
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