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Bell's Palsy strikes twice

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I don't know if any of you are familiar with it, but I came down with it in December of 2001. I initially thought I was having a stroke, but soon discovered that it was, in fact, Bell's Palsy, and I had complete paralysis of the right side of my face.

With acupuncture treatments, a low dosage of prednisone and a lot of positive thinking, I was able to recover almost completely from it.

Well, it is happening again, this time to the opposite side of my face. My smile has changed since this morning, and the paralysis is slowly settling in. It is scary, but since I've been through it already, it is just a little LESS scary.

No one knows for sure what causes it, but it has to do with inflammation of the cranial nerve. Some think it is a virus, so antivirals are given along with steroids.

I've just left a message for the acupuncturist that cured me 5 years ago, and I hope to see her as early as tomorrow. I'll also be calling my doctor, but it is too late in the day today to get ahold of him, and there is nothing he could do for me in the onset of the symptoms anyway.

I'm so upset right now - I did NOT want facial paralysis for Christmas. Nor the $700+ acupuncture bill to cure it.

I'd really appreciate it if you guys could add "quick and full recovery for Betsy" to your list of prayers and wishes. Within a few days, I won't be able to smile without facial distortion, I won't be able to close my left eye at all, everything I eat will taste like metal, my speech will be affected by the lack of motor control on one side of my mouth - it is so emotionally debilitating to go through this just once, never mind again. And there is a possibility that I will never regain my facial movement.

Please God let that not be the case.
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Lots and lots of healthy and healing vibes to you, Betsy!

I only know a tiny bit about Bell's Palsy because Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage had it in the early '90s.
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Oh man thats not the thing you want going on right now. I hope the acupucturist (so spelling) can work his magic on you once again.
Sending vibes to you{{{}}}}
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I had it once a few years ago too. Definitely scary. I can't remember what the doctor gave me, other than eye drops and a patch since I couldn't blink or close my eye, but I think it didn't last much more that a week. I'm pulling for you. Hopefully, this episode won't be as bad as the first one.
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Sending lots of vibes your way, Betsy.
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Oof! My Grandfather has also had Bells Palsy twice. The first time there was some kind of shock therapy he did from home. I'm not sure how he treated it this last time, but he was able to almost fully recover from it the second time. I think when he's tired you can tell in his speech a bit, but otherwise you can't.

I'm deffinately praying this quickly rectifies itself for you.
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Sending many healing vibes your way, Betsy.

My Grandmother had Bells's Palsy several years ago. I know she went to therapy and it did go away.
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I'm sending out positive vibes for a full recovery! *hugs*
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Many {{{healing}}} vibes for you, Betsy. Perhaps if you can see the acupuncturist promptly the worst of the symptoms can be averted or alleviated. Have positive thoughts that you will recover quickly.
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I'm so sorry! You are in my thoughts and prayers: I hope you recovery fully, and soon.
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Sending you VERY speedy recovery vibes
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I'm praying for you! My brother in law had that once as a child! I can't imagine!

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Sending vibes from Mississippi for you.
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{{{vibes}}} for you Betsy. You will be in our thoughts. I had a friend that had one episode of it about 15 years ago, thankfully making a recovery like you mentioned. I just know you will do the same.
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Lotsa vibes and prayers, Betsy. I have limited knowledge of this condition, but am aware of it. I have encountered people who have it, but not people I was close enough to to be able to gain any more than superficial awareness. However, I can well imagine how discouraging it would be. I hope you have a quick resolution.
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Oh no Betsy thats awful..I'm sorry. I am sending many heal quick vibes..and here are some hugs too
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Lots of healing vibes!
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Many healing vibes sent your way
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i hope you get better soon
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Aw, big hugs for you!
I'm sorry this is happening to you. Many years ago, a woman in my workplace had an episode of Bell's Palsy. She was given high does of B-12 and did not miss much work at all.

Wishing you a speedy, perfect and lasting recovery!
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Betsy sorry to hear this, I had an Uncle that had this once also, maybe it won't be as bad as last time you had it. Sending get healthy soon vibes to you.
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oh gosh, Betsy, I'm sorry this is happening! lots of healing vibes coming your way!!
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So sorry! Lots of healing vibes~
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It is rare to get this twice - even more so to affect the opposite side - but my life is ruled by Murphy's law, unfortunately. I've gotten used to having bad things happen to me, even though I'm good people. It's just another test, though I don't know why I have been made to suffer and struggle so. Maybe in the next life things will be good...

The last time it happened it was on a Friday night 6 years ago and I went right to the ER, and some idiototic, sleep-deprived resident diagnosed me as having had a small brain stem stroke, which would have meant that I'd have become a thinking vegetable with a completely paralyzed body. Funny that, considering I was ambulatory.

So the ER wasn't even a consideration - I know what these symptoms are. I've got an appointment today with my doc at 3 p.m., and he'll probably send me to another neurologist. I hate brain surgeons, they have absolutely no people skills. I guess we'll see what happens! I'm still waiting to get a call back from my acupuncturist - I just hope she isn't away for the holidays, because the sooner I get in to see her, the sooner the paralysis will go away.

On the bright side, it hasn't progressed as quickly as it did the last time. The last time it happened, it progressed through to complete involvement on my right side of my face within a matter of 12 hours.

I woke up this morning REALLY pleased to see that it hadn't gotten much worse than it was last night. A little, but not much. The far left side of my face is numb and tingly, my smile is crooked, spitting out my toothpaste was an adventure in laughter, and I'm trying to keep a good head about myself.

Knowing what it is makes it much less traumatizing than 6 years ago.

Thank you all for being here for me and for your prayers and vibes - I definitely need them right now!!
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You are in my thoughts and prayers!
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Tons of quick healing vibes and prayers for you!!
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Lots of vibes for a speedy recovery
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So sorry to hear this - my nephew had it as a teenager, and he still has a very slight unbalance to his face twelve years later. But apart from that he is fine. I do hope you find the acupuncturist and are able to deal with it as soon as possible.
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I am soo sorry you're going through this right now. I'm sending lots of prayers and vibes your way for quick and easy healing.
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*good vibes for you that it goes away SOON*
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