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Extract from our christmas diary

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Last week we heard mummy say to aunty Pat over the phone that the babies( that's us!) had been so good, as we have only sat under the tree and not climbed it, mummy has been going all gooey over us and talking in that silly voice you humans are so good at! A few days ago I (Indie) found those baubles to be somewhat too much of a tempation and started batting them, Minx was too but she ran when she heard mummy coming so I was caught in the act! Mummy had a 'what are you up to look on her face'

But yesterday I Indie) was a little over excited, mummy had been busy and I was bored so I decided to pick on my sister Minx, she wasn't too amused so turned on me, hell I ran as fast as I could, but the only place to hide was up the tree! Minx saw me and ran up behind me, the tree shook and the baubles swayed, some fell off and the tinsel was everywhere, then I fell to the floor with a thud, when I looked there were two branches on the floor, I heard mummy coming and ran quickly, Minx thought she'd put all the blame on me and do that 'brrrp' noise to mummy that mummy thinks is so damn sweet! but mummy wasn't having none of it I heard mummy say to daddy that her tree was ruined, and she'd have to re do it all over again, I could swear there were some profanities in the air!

I decided to come out of hiding,mummy was taking everything off the tree, she told us santa wouldn't come if we kept doing this and they'd be no nice new toys for us, I wasn't bothered after all I have the bows and ribbons I pulled off the presents! After an hour the tree was redone, I tried to go under but mummy is like the queens guards, it's quite funny to walk up to the tree and watch mummy jump out her seat at 100 mph! But for now I'll leave it, afterall she's upstairs wrapping presents and theres lots of paper to jump on while she's trying to wrap them, that's really good cos the more she tries to move us the more holes we tear into it, I do love a flustered human!

Christmas is the best time, we hope you other kitties are enjoying ruining the tree and making holes in wrapping paper ( oh and don't forget to steal the bows and ribbons that's a real good one!) Mummy is awfully busy wrapping and getting things done, so on her behalf Merry Christmas everyone, may it be filled with love and happiness and most of all stay safe, and be sure to spoil us kitties, even if we have broken the tree!

Indie and Minx
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Awe that's really cute! Naughty kittens
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